King Charles and siblings hold silent vigil to late mother

By Andrew MacAskill and Lindsay Dunsmuir

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On Saturday, Harry and Meghan unexpectedly appeared with his elder brother William for a walkabout near Windsor Castle, in a show of unity.

Show of unity?

They walked "together" to avoid having Harry and Megan booed by the public.

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Randy Andy banished to the rear. Out of sight, out of mind. Rightly so.

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As an American, I am interested, but not overly so. However, we are being visited by an Englander who is very, very affected by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Different cultures.

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At such a sad time we are all reminded of the actions of a debauched Royal!

Prince Andrew should not be allowed out on such a solemn occasion to sully his mother’s memory.

Lest we forget, it took 12 million UK pounds to have his sordid deeds hushed up.

Prince Andrew is a sexual predator that should be kept indoors…

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I must shamefully admit to a inkling/hint of state funeral fatigue.

The photos of Prince Andrew are uncomfortable to say the least with the nation barely halfway through the mourning process.

However Queen Elizabeth is greatly cherished and adored.

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Grief if prolonged is mentally and physically debilitating, my first experience of death/bereavement, Japanese grandmother, residing with me over the pandemic, similar age to Queen Elizabeth, the last moments were harrowing traumatic emotionally.

Viewing the tears, collective sorrow of a nation, raw unrelenting torment of loss is painful when lengthy and drawn out.  

I am not being intentionally disrespectful, I understand fully the need for condolence, recognition, of a life of unflinching service.  

There Is something of the macabre melancholy to witnessing the scale of such public mourning.

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If Harry was so grateful for the first time that the Queen met his "darling wife", why did he let his "darling wife" continue to trash the Queen and her family, as recently as two weeks ago in an article in Cut magazine and on her podcast?

And Harry, you forgot to mention the first time that the Queen had to explain to you that the wife would wear the tiara that she was given and to stop berating the staff about it.

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Queen Elizabeth would have wanted Prince Harry to wear military uniform at her funeral

Denying Harry the right to wear military uniform, even though the disgraced "Pedo Andrew" Duke of York has been permitted to wear his Royal Navy dress for the final vigil at Westminster Hall, does appear rather petty by the new very flawed King.

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In the Edinburgh funeral parade, Andrew was heckled by one spectator calling him a perv. Harry was not present.

Harry decided to leave the service of the royal family and give up all of his royal titles, he claimed, and therefore can not wear the military uniform.

Andrew disgraced all the regimes he represented.

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Four or five protestors have been arrested in Edinburgh and London. The police have been reminded, that people have the right to protest.

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At least some people are being silent on this topic. Unlike the press frenzy and all of us on JT ;))

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There have been media reports of a number of arrests for breach of the peace.

It must also be balanced against the people of Great Britain in mourning. It is inevitable that different experiences of grief will produce anger if protests are deemed to be offensive,

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Cundy made a statement

"The public absolutely have a right of protest. We have been making this clear to all officers involved in the extraordinary policing operation currently in place and we will continue do so"

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A single silent protestor was arrested yesterday outside Westminister for holding up a white card saying "Not My King".

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h & M, a pair of spoiled brats. why even go?

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wallaceToday  12:12 pm JST

A single silent protestor was arrested yesterday outside Westminister for holding up a white card saying "Not My King".

Not arrested, just moved from an obstructive position by police.

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Sex Pistols “God save the Queen” was the most popular song in the UK a day or two ago. Just like “Ding Dong, the witch is dead!” after Thatcher passed away. This is why I like British people, the have a great sense of humor and enjoy sarcasm.

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Great to see Mr and Mrs Hewitt there after being lied to all of his life by the Windsor's.

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