King Charles decides not to attend climate summit


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Hey Charles, don't fall for the manipulation of pathetic anti-science conservatives..

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The King had previously eluded to the fact that he would not longer be able to participate in the organizations that had become so important to him, so this was to be expected.

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He didn’t decide, the government told him not to go. They don’t want him contradicting their climate damaging policies.

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The monarch cannot be involved in politics.

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His PR team is working hard. He is hated by many. They have to find something cute where there would be no protesters. Cuffs Dog Show maybe?

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Sadly, I think we need to realize that Climate Change and other Environment issues will be put on a back-burner, with a reversion to alternative fossil fuels being more likely over the coming year or two. Coal, being one likely option. The cost of mining it, vs that of Oil - may make it appealing especially when the populations are facing blackouts during the severe cold of winter. And for those who've not caught up on the latest news, OPEC are mulling a reduction of Oil production (I bet that was at Russia's request), in order to prop up the price..... so things are quite simply, going to continue to become more expensive. We should push for Coal fired stations to be fitted with modern day filters to lessen the impact of their usage, whilst at the same time, looking to improve our collective energy distributions across the continent and our respective islands.... Japan has its own problem with a stupid split between East & West (50/60 Hz), which even after 2011 still, hasn't been addressed...

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