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Civilian employee kills 4 in knife attack at Paris police HQ


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Stress from work? HDHD?

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“Paris weeps for its own this afternoon after this terrifying attack in the police headquarters. The toll is heavy, several officers lost their lives,”

RIP to those murdered.

An officer stopped the attack when he shot the assailant

Hats off to the officer!

It's the knives that kill, not people!

Knives definitely can kill people, especially when people use them for that specific purpose. But I can think of dozens of other ways knives are necessary. That he killed 4 people is terrible. Can you imagine how many he could have killed if he had a gun of some sort, especially a semi-automatic, especially a semi-automatic with high capacity magazines?

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Good thing he didn't have a gun.


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Considering scorn for police for their brutality on yellow vest protestors its no wonder suicides are up. In fact, this attack could very well be related to all that.

The problem is that if the motive is found and and found to be unflattering to police, they will most likely hide it.

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@Norman Goodman,

you are so right.

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Knives definitely can kill people

No they cannot. They are merely USED to kill people by other people. This is totally self-evident.

I will also point out that knives are everywhere and a cop used a gun to protect his or herself and the lives of others and so could a non-cop...but only if they are allowed to have such weapons. I am going to assume that some of the dead were unarmed despite being police. The fact the killer used a ceramic knife suggests that was an area that weapons were not allowed and metal detectors were used to keep them out.

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Not much detail, France government secrecy is at Soviet level.

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Name please?

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