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Korean Air CEO apologizes for daughter's nuts tantrum


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'As well as being the boss’s daughter, Cho Hyun-Ah was a vice president of the family-run airline,'

Substitute 'as well as being' for 'because she was'.

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She's nuts!

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She's "being relieved of all her official posts." Why not just kick this spoiled brat out of the airline business entirely. But then she is the boss' daughter ... so someday she'll be back in the saddle ... and continuing her power attacks on lower servants.

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With her attitude, this daughter would fit in well with the North Korean Kim clan, I say.

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she is actually quite a looker. deserves to be properly served nuts.....

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I take it you think Macadamia were the wrong ones? :/

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Yes. mixed and salted. and served with a smile.

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korean air offer good value. i think she is right to point out deficiencies in service (although going back to the gate is a bit extreme).

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The scariest thing in all of this, is that someone with no official right, essentially commandeered an international flight, in contradiction of all international flight security laws & protocol.

The pilots locked in their cabins are supposedly beyond reproach in these post 9/11 days.

So wtf happened?

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I often fly by Korean Air and the cabin crew are well-known for their exceptionally polite and smiling service and this incident simply reflects more on the character of the involved passenger than the service provided by the inflight staff! Perhaps, the passenger should have conveyed a special pre-flight message as to how the humble honey-coated peanut or whatever should be served in a golden platter perhaps! Come on passengers, whatever your personal status, consider the plight of inflight staff flying up and down all the time and give them some space! By the way, it was unheard of for a passenger to have acted so and diverted back a flight causing undue delay and confusion to not only other passengers but also to the airport staff of the affected airport! While on this, I remember an interesting personal incident. Korean Air had just introduced the giant A-380 flight and serving passengers in such a flight during a short flight from Seoul to Hong Kong could be a nightmare to even experienced cabin crew let alone new recruits! While serving tea, rather pouring tea in a cup that I was holding, turbulence struck the flight and there was a little spill of tea on to my jacket. The little adorable doll like girl felt so bad that she kept bowing in traditional Korean style and apologising to me while walking up and down the aisle several times almost throughout the flight despite my consoling, comforting and utterly assuring her not to worry at all as it could happen to anyone in the given situation! Even as I got off the flight at the destination, she was standing near the gate and gave me yet another spectacular bow and smile giving me thus a sense of VIP treatment! Hilarious incident indeed!

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Nuts in a packet is an outrage.

I am never traveling First Class on Korean Air again.

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Failure is a key to life and we learn from our mistakes. Mistakes are a part of being human. You appreciate mistakes for what they are. Life lessons that can only be earned the hard way. People may judge you for making mistakes and don't let them. Assert your right to make a few mistakes. If people can't accept your imperfections, that's their fault. Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life. In the end laughing at someone else's can shorten it.

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When will this CHILD be turning in her RESIGNATION letter ? I hope her DADDY gave her a good SPANKING when she got home.

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I read about this incident while flying on Korean Air last Tuesday, so I purposefully refrained from asking for my nuts in a bowl.

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wipeout: The West Lothian question is easy to ask and almost impossible to answer. If the West Lothian questions was that easy, someone would have come up with a decisive answer decades ago.

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Kudos to dad for apologizing for his daughter's ridiculous behavior and basically firing her.

"Cho ( the daughter ) was scheduled to be questioned later Friday by Transport Ministry officials."

That's going to be embarrassing for her.

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A "looker"???

Have you googled the correct person???

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She is on TV right now, looking bedraggled. Quite a downfall from the macadamia nuts queen.... I agree that I would need some serious beer goggles to call her a "looker".

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Her husband's a plastic surgeon; she must've gotten SOME looks from him.

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It may well be that nuts in a packet for first class passengers is a no no. Surely, if maintaining a sense of propertion, the cabin attendance could have been sent back to the galley for a bowl? Creating that situation was.............silly.

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This spoiled brat needs to be spanked, her head shaved, feathered and tarred. The US FAA need to inquire into this brat's action because she was not a crew member and had caused a delay in departure. I am sure that FAA's protocol was not followed. So Captain, you better have a good answer why a passenger can order an airline to return to gate and kick off a member of your crew.

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I thought Korean Air would have changed their "authoritarian" ways after their crash in Guam 10-15 years ago. The co-pilot then didn't say anything to prevent the pilot from crashing the plane due to "fear and respect" for authority. When are the Koreans going to sake this ridiculous yoke for kowtowing to their bosses even when they know their bosses are wrong. Too bad the pilot listened to this witch when he actual had the authority to say "go to hell, I'm in charge"

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I'm very impressed by the CEO. Relieving her of ALL official duties is quite extreme- but I would say it's quite rare for leadership in a family business holding family members responsible in this manner.

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The daughter was spoiled brat.

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She has been sent into "window retirement" and thus has no purpose with the airline. Nuts have thus been correctly "served". Then again, she should be given a post like making sure the toilets are clean at Korean Airlines served airports. No one deserves to be thrown away and should be given a chance at redemption.

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Korean Air CEO apologizes for daughter's nuts tantrum

His daughter will be lucky if she doesn't have to go to the slammer. Oh wait, let me correct myself, "his daughter wont spent time in the slammer because he will payoff the right people."

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Joe Bigs her actions did not affect flight safety thus there should be no government action needed. She has been removed from her posts and in my mind punished enough. Perhaps she would benefit from counseling?

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YuriOtani Dec. 13, 2014 - 06:19AM JST her actions did not affect flight safety thus there should be no government action needed. She has been removed from her posts and in my mind punished enough.

Why wasnt' she arrested? The law aims to protect passengers and crew, making it illegal to interfere with the crew (flight attendants and pilots). Intimidating them can result in a felony conviction if she interfered with the performance of the crewmember’s duties. Let her spend time in jail like everybody else.

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sfip330 because she is an employee with the airline. While it was outside of her duties it was in her department. She could of handled it a lot better like writing a memo to her supervisor and suggest additional training. She had no right to order the plane to return to the gate. Though it must of been right at it the gate for such a short delay. She has been punished by her father and really you have zero right to demand anything. Why was she not arrested simple because the captain of the aircraft looked after the daughter of the airlines owner. It would of also caused the flight to cancel and cause all sorts of problems. It was better to let her have her way and let daddy take care of her upon her return to Seoul.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

yuri - sorry, but according to law she was wrong. No ifs or buts - she was wrong and as sfj indicated she committed a felony.

International regulations are precise about this.

And the flight cancellled? No! She should have been put off the plane instead of the staff member. Doing such would have incurred no additional loss of time.

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The Captain of the plane will swear that he followed her suggestion. She has been punished, so why are you out to jail her? It may happen in the ROK or it may not. My bet is it will not happen and this will blow over. In the states she will be the blunt of the joke for a month or two and it will be over. This is not something that is likely to happen again. As for laws broken tell me which laws and which country. I need specifics and not just international "regulations"? or do you mean laws and there are none really. Since it happened in the USA it would be up to the FAA to take action. If they take action she will be listed as crew.

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Convention for the suppression of Unlawful Seizure of Aircraft Article 1 (a) is just a starter.

As my earlier post stuggested, the capatain, by allowing to be co-erced / influenced by a passenger to redirect the plane in flight (inflight begins when the capsule is sealed) is the biggest concern. It appears the disturbance was solely of the woman's making, so she should bear responsibility with the captain.

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nuts head

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@Chosun Ilbo it says "Meanwhile, prosecutors raided Korean Air's headquarters in Seoul as well as passenger service offices at Incheon International Airport on Thursday and slapped Cho with a travel ban. ... As late as Thursday morning the airline claimed Cho would be unable to appear for questioning, but the raid seems to have changed its mind."

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WakarimasenDec. 12, 2014 - 06:01PM JST

deserves to be properly served nuts.....

I doubt that you intended it, but you sound pretty rapey.

According to the BBC, Cho chastised the purser and had him kneel down and apologize in the first class cabin. I'm sure it was uncomfortable and disruptive to the paying passengers, in addition to being humiliated for the employee and disruptive to the crew, passengers, and flight controllers. I'm glad her behaviour is getting so much press and attention in Korea. I hope the discussion continues.

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