Koreas hold groundbreaking ceremony for railway project


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One day it will be possible to travel all the the way from Pusan to Paris and then London by train....

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Will allow L'il Kim to visit the South in his train.

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How often do we see this in articles "U.S.-led sanctions " again here we see US trying to control the world with its idea of how the world should be. I wish every time the US tries to impose sanctions on a country the rest of the world vetoes this proposals. Sanctions don't work , imposing sanctions and hurting the population of a country only shows the inability to negotiate. How tired the world must be of the US'S attitude of do as I say not as I do.

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Im curious to try Northern kimchi

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Mutually beneficial trade, tourism and cultural exchange would go a long way to healing the wounds of the terrible rift between the two Koreas and help facilitate modernization of the North. That would be great.

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"Actual construction will be pursued in accordance with progress in the North's denuclearization and the state of sanctions against the North,"

IOW, not for another 30 years, at best.

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The South Koreans don't see this is a danger to their state security! Wonderful, haha

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one day all the....way by train from singapore to busan....and busan to paris/london by trains

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