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Kremlin says German army discussing strikes on Russia; asks if Scholz is in control


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I don't think we've scene a rogue German mercenary declare war on it's country this year, so maybe put your own house in order first, Russia.

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ThubanToday 06:54 am JST

Germany is among the NATO countries that have supplied weaponry to Ukraine including tanks.

This scandal will highlight and empower the growing anti-war voices in Germany.

The flow of weapons from Germany to Zelensky will be stopped because of this.

Having a fascist state sweeping towards you on the continent tends to focus minds on the necessity of defense including active defense.

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Scary times indeed.

Shut this war down before it's too late.

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It’s already clear who is muddying the waters. The West has been caught in its hidden agenda. Russia always knows what to expect from cunning Western countries. Therefore, if a fight is inevitable, strike first. And it doesn't matter who says what. The truth is on Russia’s side, and Western lies will destroy them; this is the law of nature.

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asks if Scholz is in control

What a strange question. Still far besides this current specific military and espionage issue, they all know exactly that Germans aren't in control of Germany for several reasons since 1945 and for another additional reasons since 2015.

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Scary stuff, textbook break-down in Germany's chain of command, rogue actors seeking WW III it would seem.

Anyone who believes US NATO proxy war against Russia involves no global WW III escalation risk is simply delusional, this story is PROOF Positive!!!

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