Kyrgyzstan reports heavy fighting with Tajikistan, 24 people killed

By Olga Dzyubenko

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He said only third-party peacekeepers could prevent further conflicts by establishing a demilitarised zone.

Another conflict which has resulted due to Russia being preoccupied with the war in Ukraine. Russia was the net security provider in this region but now probably China will step in to usurp Russia.

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Another example of Russia's loss of influence in the former USSR due to its debacle in Ukraine.

What the **** is wrong with those People.

Sit down, figure out a Border, and be done with it!

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Another long term legacy of russian interference and imperialism.

As far as I can see this is being driven by nationalism combined with poverty and water scarcity. That and stupidity.

It is without doubt a clear sign of russias waning power and influence thanks to poo tins ego driven Ukrainian adventure. russias Far Eastern empire is inherently fragile and China will progressively penetrate and subsume it, entirely because of the demented dwarf in the kremlin and his deluded policies.

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Please look at a map of the region. There are Tajik areas completely within Kyrgyz territory connected to the rest of Tajikistan by roads controlled by the Kyrgyz and dependent on water supplied to them by the Kyrgyz. This is how internal borders of the many SSRs that made up the old USSR and date to the time of Lenin and Stalin. When the USSR dissolved and the former SSRs became independent nations those borders remained. This is the root of this dispute.

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