LA mayor plans 7,000 police body cameras in 2015


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Excellent decision for all of the reasons noted by Hector Villagre of the ACLU but we need safeguards to ensure that video will be made public and not supressed when it contradicts a preferred narrative which was the case in Ferguson.

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Somehow, I doubt we will ever see footage that is damning to the police force if as we all know by now, most if not all police forces have their corruption running through them. Take any police force from any part of the world and I'm sure you'll find they have something to hide.

Remember that Polish immigrant that the RCMP killed at YVR airport in Canada. The RCMP would have got away with that death and for the most part still have. Even when that video shot by a bystander surfaced, the RCMP took it away and tried to make it disappear but I guess too many knew by that point so the investigations went forward with the video. Still for the most part the RCMP got away with MURDER!!!

These body cams will no doubt reduce 'some' police crime but it's only a matter of time until the corrupt cops figure out a way to use those body cams to their advantage and when they do if they don't already know... we will be more screwed than we already are. Most police forces out there are nothing short of the largest gangs with guns and in the the eyes of the law, a legal gang. So sad for the truly great and honest men and women trying to serve and protect only to find themselves be bullied into silence for fear of that corruption and losing their jobs or worse.

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Good start but I would have to agree with Knowbetter. Any footage of an incident that would show evidence of an officer used brutality or worse will not make the evening news and be conveniently lost or erased. The only way is to have the body cams upload to a cloud server that is not run by law enforcement and since they are paid civil servants it should be viewable by the public.

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Yes and this will help hold the criminals accountable so that he media and the race hustlers won't get to hold their national guilt fest at the expense of law enforcement and public safety.

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