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Lab-grown human embryo models spark calls for regulation

By Daniel Lawler

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Take about pushing the envelope !

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This is pretty amazing. But yes, must be regulated.

I don't want to imagine countries growing their armies in a lab like this. There could be extreme dangers, underground facilities secretly housing hundreds of thousands of lab-rat type humans thrown through conveyor belt education systems for something very specific. Like something out of science fiction.

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 Like something out of science fiction.

It's ok. They won't have souls like you and me. I'm seeing plenty of opportunities here.

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No matter what happens, China and Russia won't ban it until they have their clone-able super soldiers.

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There shouldn't just be regulation. There should be an outright ban on this.

Children should not be created other than via the natural way.

We shouldn't be playing God.

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Children should not be created other than via the natural way.

What's wrong with IVF?

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Playing God.

What could possibly go wrong?

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@What ol' Jack Burton always saysJune 20 11:11 pm JST

Getting around the ethics is easy because these so called human like embryos aren't grown in a human body.

They are still human beings. Since when did it matter where they spent nine years of their life? Because the parents can't be found to express any care for them?

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*nine months

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@WesleyJune 20 10:45 pm JST

So...the answer to Japan's population decline?

Ask foster children how great it is to be raised without parents.

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Word is already overpopulated as it is. Which resources becoming less and less to share. Last thing we need is to know how to create more of us.

Let mother nature do it's proper job. The world population has to decline to make the planet sustainable.

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I do hope that some of the people posting their comments against this aren’t the same people advocating a ban and the woman’s right to choose on abortion in the US. Because that would be hypocritical.

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This is great news.!. Another step towards a cure for cancers .!.

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