LAPD offers $1 mil reward for fugitive ex-cop


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Bring in some seals to track him or "Dog" the bounty hunter

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This police was a model cop for LAPD, now he is a fugitive for 3 murders.

I feel very wrong to feel this way, but am I the only one who have a secret desire that this cop will never get captured? I would like to hear his side of the story to tell.

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Why is there NO dash cam footage when Dorner came out shooting at them? Huh?? There were more than one camera on that intersection and no footage. Hmm...

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This bad guy is now a target for drones, a first for America to try and kill one of its citizens with drones. Who will be next?

not a first actually, they have already assasinated an America national by drone in the middle east last year.... this would be the first case within America though.... I wonder how they will explain the "collateral" that also gets wasted when they start using drones domestically? ... much harder to explain the loss of innocent Americans than their equivalents in Afganhistan etc when they get wasted...

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There probably IS dash-cam video, but maybe it shows facts not in the LAPD's interest. Like the Rodney King footage showed the real face of LAPD.

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This bad guy is now a target for drones, a first for America to try and kill one of its citizens with drones.

Some people will believe anything....

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Those LAPD bozos should stop blindly shooting civilians in the chase for Dorner. I'd like to see someone higher up grow a pair and clean the department.

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I feel very wrong to feel this way, but am I the only one who have a secret desire that this cop will never get captured? I would like to hear his side of the story to tell.

You realise how egoist this is? If not captured, he will kill any innocent people that he thinks that will turn him on.

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who had threatened to murder police in a chilling online manifesto.

I find it interesting that they are not going into some of the details of his manisfesto. Not trying to make too much of a political thing about this, but I found it interesting that he is in favor of gun control, and his devotion to media personalities is definately for those on the left. He really goes into something in the manifesto that the LAPD doesn't really want to let known. How the racism on the force is rampant (in his belief). Not the classic "white man vs. non-white" but he goes on listing officers from the different races, and how they interact with each other. Something that when one reads it can make one see why he may be upset, but still does not give anyone the right to go on a killing spree to "make things right."

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Great now the area may end up with a bunch of yahoo's totin guns on the "hunt" for this guy, I hope it doesnt end up stupid but this is the USA & when you toss in yahoo's & guns who knows what will happen!

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Alphaape: Not trying to make too much of a political thing about this, but

but let me make a political thing out of it.

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A million $ USD for killing and shutting up Mr.Droner?? Sounds like the LAPD and all those other corrupt officials in cahoots with the messy LAPD really want to make sure Mr.Droner gets killed off and for all of us with short memories to to just forget about this, while these idiot bozos on the LAPD go around shooting at all the wrong people, people that have NOTHING to do with Mr.Droner!! Kind of makes you ask, WHO ARE THE REAL "Domestic Terrorists"?? If you all have time, look up the OPINIONS on the Los Angeles Times, nobody in LA feels sorry for the corrupt police, they are all quietly ROOTING for Mr.Droner to get revenge against the corrupt ones in the LAPD.

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How many more paper-carriers will needlessly be shot by the LAPD until they find this guy?

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this sounds like a good movie to watch!

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Far be it from me to point out the ridiculousness of blaming films like First Blood as any possible inspiration for this man and his acts of violence and cold blooded murder. I leave that type of nonsense for the NRA to point out.

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Mr.Dorner says this is all about his name and that a man without a name is nothing, and he will do anything to regain his good name, I am sure the LAPD kind of believe him now! Now all motorcycle cops have been told to stay off their bikes, why?? I guess for a professional sniper like Mr.Dorner who served in the US military in Iraq, Afghanistan etc., they will make real easy targets. To get every motorcycle cop in LA to stay off their motorcyles? WOW! Somebody must be real scared of Mr.Dorner!

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It would be great if the LAPD does get a breath of fresh air through their windows, but that is a separate matter. A lot can be said in support of many of his claims in the 'manifesto' but ultimately they are just an excuse.

His ex-g/f put up an internet warning years ago when they split up, saying "Don't date this guy, he's paranoid and deluded".

To me he sounds super egotistical and self-centered if he can justify killing the daughter of someone against whom he holds a grudge.

A total space cadet. This guy, if he is not already dead from the cold, must be hiding out somewhere and he needs to snap out of his dangerous delusion.

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Nanda, this guy a US war vet, several tours of duty to Iraq, Afghanistan, etc...he KNOWS how to kill, he knows how to survive, this is one thing that scares the crap out of the LAPD etc..and sure, they are crapping in their pants because if they do not kill him off, heaven forbid he TESTIFIES in front of a US GRAND JURY, boy oh boy! Just imagine all those allegations of corruption, abuse by force, violence, singing NAZI YOUTH Songs just to make a new LAPD recruit feel unwanted, what the hell is that?? Do not tell me that kind of racist crap is just good old freedom of speech, also other cops using the Nig..word right in front of his face, and now these BOZOS in the LAPD are SURPRISED that this guy is out for blood? Out for revenge? Out to settle a few scores? I bet Tarantino is following this like a HAWK for his next movie too!

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No, I believe it, David.

No love for the LAPD here. He is a karma monster that they created. They have only themselves to blame.

Even so, he has a nut loose, the nut we all have that stops us going around killing everyone when we feel a grudge build-up.

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Dorner is a former Naval Reserve lieutenant (O-3) who was honorably discharged: Dorner was commissioned in 2002, commanded a security unit at Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada, and served with a Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit from June 23, 2004, to February 28, 2006. He was deployed to Bahrain with Coastal Riverine Group Two from November 3, 2006, to April 23, 2007.[6] Dorner was honorably discharged from the Navy Reserve on February 1, 2013.

I believe he is a good guy but a nutter also (would have made a great fireman, but police work is very political/legal) Many people are nutters and do not know it ---> mercury, lead, fluoride, bromide, pesticides, food additives/colorants, metals in the medications --> can really play with a person's mind.

There is really no need to be killing these people when this happened in 2008. And even if the LAPD is corrupt/criminal there are ways to innovate around that to force change. It is very difficult to change when you have the criminals from the top down and they protect their new criminals that are working their way up. =Ultimately is up to the LAPD (or any organization) to fix itself or fail. Pressure is needed to force/demand this change and if Dorner can do this it will stop many unnecessary shootings/beatings in the future. At some point he will need to take responsibility.

But so far I see no change and only tactical enforcement.

=Dorner needs to hold-out as long as he can otherwise no change will come of this. Until then I am sure the LAPD will be openly shooting and arresting/roughing up many more only adding heat to situation. The change must come from within the LAPD -but so far they are refusing.

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"this guy a US war vet, several tours of duty to Iraq, Afghanistan, etc...he KNOWS how to kill, he knows how to survive, this is one thing that scares the crap out of the LAPD etc"

Lets not make Mr Dorner into something that he's not. He was a Navy Reservist. He was deployed to Bahrain. He never deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. There's no evidence that he saw any combat or "KNOWS how to kill." There's no indication he received survival traning. It is worthy of note, however, that he didn't go off on his 2008 firing until after his discharge from the Naval Reserves on 01 Feb 13. Perhaps not getting promoted to 0-4 resulted in his discharge and that set him off.

I personally don't know if the LAPD is corrupt, but I thought civilian oversight commissions were created to prevent an event such as that claimed by Dorner from happening. IMO, the best thing the LAPD can do is capture Dorner alive. If he's killed, many will surely say that he was killed to shut him up--disregarding the fact that he allegedly killed two unarmed people and a police officer. .

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Kashiwa, so DORNER does not know how to kill?? Dude! What are you on?? Tell that to the dead cop that Dorner ALLEGEDLY killed and to the daughter of his ex cop/lawyer Quan and to that fiance of Ms.Quan, who by the way, was also BLACK, so I do not really think this is just a racial black/white thing more of a grey and messy thing with lots of blood red to be mixed around.

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Don't know anything about the LAPD or any police force in the states for that matter so not qualified to comment on the politics/rumours and blah blah. One thing that does stir the conspiracy theorist in me though....a million is an awful lot of money.

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A million? Yup, you could buy a house and a car with that.

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Now in the LA Times they are saying that the FBI has reason to believe Mr.Dorner had help in his crimes and that most likely he already skipped the country, and not into any cold snowy places but more likely down to sunny, warm Mexico, so that may help the LAPD sleep a little better, if true, and yes 1 MILLION $$ is a hell of a lot of money, for the LAPD to just try and bring in "one of their very own." Makes you think, doesn't it??

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Mr Happy (Dorner) getting his scuba tanks refilled 2 days previous.

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