Large study shows 45,000 new daily COVID infections in England


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It’s grimmer up North than usual...

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Absolute shambles in terms of organization and communication. Apparently mayors across the country are learning about new or proposed local measures from the news, and the different measures proposed are often not reflective of the number of infections in the area.

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If this study carries the correct weight, at 45,000 new cases daily, half the entire UK population of 65 million would be tested positive by September 2022. Assuming there are no other new intruding factors, and working on an average of 3.5 deaths per 100 infected, some 1.2 million could have died in UK by then. Is that not scary?

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The Bozza Muppet Show continues....

The posh-boy Tory party must die.

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@venze. Herd immunity geezer. You should try it.

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Sad they voted for this baboon and also for his euro exit. Watch the slow decline of my home country.

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@Waddo Better blame former governments on themes like NHS and wide open borders, causing irresponsible party people and potential superspreaders influxed and now meeting a health system already at limits before corona. That’s all about many failures long before BJ.

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