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Last day of June was one second longer


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Many people didn’t notice

You don't say!

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But experts say that level of predictability may be hard to achieve

I'm no NASA, rocket-scientists expert.

“In the short term, leap seconds are not as predictable as everyone would like,”

. . . . But anyone could've predicted that-

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"Hiya Doc! Can you explain what a leap second is?" "Just a moment..." - another "cold joke"?

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It's not compensation for the earth going round the sun more slowly, but the earth's daily rotation about its own polar axis being slowed by the moon robbing the earth's angular momentum by receding

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Great, now we get an extra second... #LeapSecond http://pic.twitter.com/pEEjLTYsdF

— Washington Wizards (@WashWizards) June 30, 2015

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So that's why June 30th seemed to drag on. Sure felt like a long day to me! Now I know why!

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