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Lava from Kilauea volcano enters ocean, creating toxic cloud


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Sometimes BBC interviews are embarrassing to watch. Today's was with a Woman, who had been living (in her terms) "off-the-grid", with her family, only turning TV on at night for her Kids to watch Cartoons. They had noticed a lot of chat on their mobile phones, and had been receiving lots more calls recently telling them to leave... but had ignored them all. She said that on the last night, the National Guard probably overlooked them because their lights were out (due to being off-grid)... [more likely they gave up trying to tell the dumb-....s to haul ..s out of there, as they didn't listen]. Amazingly they made it, and were here to tell us all about it.

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Volcano safety is really important. Mother nature does not care who lives there when she cracks earths shell.

Luckily these are Shield type Volcanoes, the Strata type volcano is very much more dangerous as they explode and huge pyroclastic flows that destroy everything in their paths and can travel at hundreds of kilometers an hour. Here in Japan many volcanoes of the Strata Type (Fuji san) are way overdue and can wake up quickly.

It is a good message for all whom live in these areas.

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You find a lot of folks like that in places like Puna. That area is probably the last place where a back to nature type can go full hippie. For obvious reasons land is super cheap when compared to the rest of the state. The medium house price in Hawaii is right around $600k but you can buy a one acre lot in places like Puna for around 16k. It's cheap because it's sketchy. Perfect hippie paradise. One good bud harvest and you're good to go.

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Just love the name of the Puu Oo crater. I guess it doesn't smell too good.

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