Lavrov says U.S. policy towards Russia is 'dumb,' ineffective


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Russia throwing a tantrum because Biden isn’t in it’s pocket like the previous president.

And, no, there is no evidence that Biden is in the pocket of China. If there were any such evidence, people would provide cites to it.

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Yeah, p-off Lav.

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Russia seems a bit lonely for attention.

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Just Putin and his lackey Lavarov throwing a hissy fit because they no longer have their puppet in the White House doing his best to Make Russia Great Again...

Expect Putin to continue provocations to put pressure on the Biden administration and to see if Repubs and Trump supporters will side with him over their own government...

Which I expect they will...

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Which I expect they will...

I do, too. The 'muh Russia' 'westerners' will probably continue to side with Russia, continue to say they'd rather be Russian than a Democrat. But some among them, especially those who've demonized China and Iran, might be confused because Russia is partnering up with China and Iran. Most of the far rightists probably won't post comments until they've heard what to parrot from their media sources, in the 'west' and 'abroad'.

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Yeah, it hurts when Russia's top US operative isn't reelected.

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Lavrov is right, as usual. Did the U.S. policy reach its goal to force Russia to submit to U.S. demands? No. It means the U.S. policy is ineffective. Plus extremely clumsy American pressure brought Russia and China much closer, actually they have now an alliance. It means the U.S. policy is not just ineffective, but also very dumb. Clever people increase the number of friends, dumb people increase the number of enemies.

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