Lawmakers battle over migrants crossing U.S. border illegally


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policy of separating migrant families

this is such drivel. there is no policy to separate migrant families. people who cross the border illegally are detained just like any American citizen would be.

The solution is not to break the law while towing your children around irresponsibly...

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Dango bongToday  03:32 pm JST

people who cross the border illegally are detained just like any American citizen would be.

Ladies and gentlemen, the American right wing. You literally cannot make this stuff up.

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How about nominating candidates that can win in general elections and then work to change immigration laws that a majority of Americans agree NOT separating kids from their parents.

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Kids aren't separated from parents. Kids are separated from the people they arrived with, until it can be certain that the adults are related to the kids. Ever hear of human trafficking? Kids used as hostages or shields? This policy can help kids escape from their abusers.

If people don't want to be separated, they have myriad options. One, asylum in Mexico. Two, go to an American consulate in Mexico (there are ten of them) and seek asylum THERE. Three, stay in your country and make it better.

The key phrase of the article is this, "Democrats say the administration should let such families go until they must appear in court". In other words, open borders with no effective deterrent. Letting people go means just adding to the illegal population. How many do you think actually come back voluntarily for their court appearance?

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Another poster here has already filled us in on this talking point. (child trafficking)

Doesn't make it untrue. Also, it doesn't make it a huge percentage of the detained. And it doesn't make crossing the border not an illegal act.

I find it funny that the Mayor of NYC illegally crossed the border a few days ago with some NYC police big-wig and they weren't detained. CBP caught them doing it.

Read another story about a visiting French young woman who was in BC Canada (I don't recall exactly where, Vancouver Island? perhaps?), walking along a trail. US CBP found her, detained her for about 2 weeks as they determined who she was and that Canada would accept her back. Her friends/relatives in BC were pissed that it took so long. If there was a sign "entering USA", she didn't see it.

If the current rules require 2 weeks to be deported voluntarily, that's a problem.

I'm a zero tolerance person for people illegally migrating into the USA under any reason. People out for a day hike, accidentally crossing an unmarked border with Canada, aren't nearly as likely to be illegal immigrants, however.

The fact is that people crossing into the USA from a southern border are almost always economic immigrants. Take their biometrics and deport them. Asylum seekers need to show up at border crossings, with paperwork, proving who they are, why they are seeking asylum and why they didn't stop at the first country they entered. Basically, Mexicans should be the only asylum seekers showing up at US border crossings.

I don't care about keeping families made up of adults together. I do care about keeping children with their parents, detained, until the facts can be proven.

No facts = deportation.

We still need to get companies hiring people in the country illegally held accountable with huge fines. Stealing someone else's name/SSN needs automatic deportation too.

From here, it seems the left want open borders without limits. I haven't seen anything suggested against that.

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I'm all for keeping families together while detained, the legitimacy of the parents can still be investigated while they are locked up together with their children. Trafficking children does happen, and like the left likes to use in things like the gun debate, 'if it will save just one child then it's worth it' works here too.

But letting them go until their court date is ludicrous. They entered the country illegally. You don't get rewarded for breaking the law just because you brought kids with you. They had no problem violating laws to enter the country, why would anyone think that they would have a problem with not showing up to a court date and disappearing?

Keep them together but keep them locked up until it's time to go home or asylum is approved.

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How about nominating candidates that can win in general elections and then work to change immigration laws that a majority of Americans agree with

Actually, I want to vote for representatives who believe like I do. I expect other voters to do the same.

But I won't ever be a single issue voter. That would be stupid.

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