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Leader of Delhi gang-rape gang commits suicide


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well theres a little bit of good news for a Monday morning

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Hanged himself how? Surely things like shoelaces and rope etc were removed from his cell?

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Shame! I wanted this filth to be humiliated and hanged in public. Drawn and quartered would have been good too.

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I hope they pass the verdict on him posthumously. The family of the victim needs to see justice done, and that means a public pronouncement that these people were guilty. If he hoped to escape judgement by his death, let us not give him that luxury - let everyone know he was guilty.

Keep the others on suicide watch too.

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How can negligence even be questioned? If he had enough material to do it, there was negligence, bottom line.

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At least he's dead!! As far as I'm concerned, that's pretty good justice. Do they have punishment worse than that?

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IMO the 17 years old must be punished same as the others. He maybe considered a minor in the law, but I am sure he knows what he is doing. 17 is no minor to me in now generation. They are capable of killing, raping, stealing and so forth. I wished someday the age bracket for a minor should be changed from 1~12 years old bracket.

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Lots of anger at those guys, but remember -- we only know about this because the victim was so intelligent and promising, ready to become a doctor and help people someday. The nameless people we never hear of are just as deserving of change.

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If EVER there was an ' Honorable ' time to kill yourself, THIS was IT.

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too easy for that devil

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Obvious negligence. Still, the world is a little better place today, so its not all bad.

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They should have taken his organs to save lives .. or give the condemned that option to let organs be sold and money going to compensate in a small way the family of the murdered girl and her male companion. His death was nothing compared to the horror of what they did to that young woman and some might fell that they deserve to die in the worst possible public manner because in this country of a billion people.. with such an ancient culture..it is just amazing that they respect cows but there is no respect for human life.

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I don't know that this man's death is something to celebrate, or that the world really is a better place. He'll never be forced to answer for what he did in life, even if sentence is passed in his death. Worse, there's the possibility that this will move some people to misguided sympathy for him, and erase the horror of what he did.

And moreover, I'm not celebrating his suicide in the same way that I wouldn't be celebrating his execution. A culture of systemic violence against women will not end with the death of one rapist, or even every rapist in India., and it's naive to think that killing him will solve the problem.

That, along with the fact that a society that exercises violence, even in a spirit of 'righteous vengeance', will reap more violence in return. More than anything else, this man needed to be kept away from any more potential victims.

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He took the easy way out.

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