Leader of Mexico's Zetas drug cartel captured


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The Mexican Marines have really got their work cut out for them...

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Congratulations to everyone involved.

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Why a majot blow? There will be 10 lining up to take his place. His departure will likely lead to even more bloodshed.

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The U.S. official who confirmed the media reports was not authorized to speak to the press

And yet, thought whole article the official was talking to the press. Seems a bit weird.

And it matters not that one person was caught - someone just as brutal and insane will step up.

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The Mexican national president is PEÑA (rock) not Pena (sorrow) time for these editors to get their basic Spanish corrected, big difference between peña and pena! Anyway, El señor presidente Peña Nieto, has a very, very tough job, kind of like our amigos in Colombia went through back in the 1980s and 90s??

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Nice to see him punished for his brutality and damage to the community. another thug will take his place. and all this because of stupid drugs laws across the developed world.

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Sadly, as many have already said, someone will just step up and take his place. It must be pretty much a thankless job to be in a position of power (LEGAL, that is) and/or law enforcement in Mexico. The cartels are way too strong, too rich, and law enforcement too poor and corrupt to effectively combat them. I hope this scumbag is locked in some tiny hole for the rest of his life and treated very, very badly.

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I couldn't even read or pronounce half the words in this article! Good that they got this guy, but like some have already mentioned, a new thug will step in.

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Maybe the President of Mexico should consult with Fujimori to figure out how to be more effective against gangs minus the mistakes since Fujimori has had some time to listen to his critics and think it over for the better now.

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Like because of Alcohol Prohibition the most violent rise to engage in the high-risk black market. And like when Alcohol Prohibition was repealed, the formerly empowered thugs were weakened, the drug cartel thugs will continue until the War of Drugs is ended.

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In Mexico, and in most Latin American countries, this so called "War on Drugs" is just a big joke, the USA not taken seriously. So this guy from Los Zetas is arrested?? As many have already pointed out, 100?? 1000 other guys have been waiting to become Numero Uno, so that voild will fill plenty pronto! At the end of the day it is not a war on drugs but a war to CONTROL the flow ($$$$$) of these drugs, this is the sad truth, and not only in Mexico but on all sides of the border.

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Everytime I read news related to Mexico, its 90% about drug warlords....dont they have any other business or creativity there? I've heard the beaches are beautiful but who will go to a country where people are beheaded like carrots.....getting this guy doesnt solve anything, his brother will kill more and then next one in line! Government should create more industry and jobs for people to leave better life than dreaming of becoming a Don

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Wax, who will go to Mexico's beach resorts?? Millions and millions of Mexicans and tourists from all over the world! Why?? If you are not messing around with drugs, cheating mafia members out of $$, the most scary thing you will encounter in Mexico is bad water giving you Montezuma's revenge, or very very hot habanero chili peppers also giving you the runs or the occasional scorpion that may crawl into your shoes, hats, bed. Go to Mexico and have safe fun, no problem, but go down to Mexico and try to argue about the price of weed, crack, etc..and then you will end up found in some garbage can cut up into pieces, nothing personal from what I hear, just business.

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Nice to see him punished for his brutality and damage to the community. another thug will take his place. and all this because of stupid drugs laws across the developed world.

Seems you missed the part about extortion and human trafficking. Hate to break it to everyone but legalizing drugs will not end criminal organizations. They smuggle weapons, people, and much much more.

Good news is that they caught this man. Now, the question is how to achieve justice for all the destruction he has caused.

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@Honest, be honest. Without drug money, the cartels would be degrees smaller. Yes, they do traffic in other goods, but would lose most of their funding.

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