Leaders in U.S., Europe divided on response to surging virus


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Leaders in U.S.,

Leaders in the US must take responsibility for their many failures in dealing with the pandemic. Rot starts at the top. 

The Trump admin’s response to the virus has been erratic, chaotic and inept, just like their mismanagement of the country.

But then the anti-science wacks claiming the virus was a 'hoax' and mentioning alien reptiles must also take responsibility. 

Included in the anti-science groups are the telescamgelists and others preying on the intellectually vulnerable and poorly educated. 

And also contributing to the misinformation aimed at the US and the globe's intellectually vulnerable have been the various state sponsored troll armies in Moscow, Beijing, Ankara and Tehran and elsewhere.

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...who has been pressured by an outspoken contingent of residents opposed to masks

God-fearing gun-toting pro-lifers, no doubt.

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Governors of states including Tennessee, Oklahoma, Nebraska and North Dakota are all facing calls from doctors and public health officials to require masks.

I am not spending time checking individual states policies in the US, but are those states that have no mask requirement?

In that case, these "calls from doctors and public health officials" for mask requirements would be ironic, because according to CDC statistics, these are states with the lowest death rates.

The states with the highest death rates (by far) are Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York. Just out of curiosity, do those perhaps all have mask requirements? Maybe someone wants to check.

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