Leaked UK memo says Trump axed Iran deal to spite Obama


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We already know this.

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That is besides the fact that this leaked information has not been substantiated or even confirmed which beasically makes it an opinion and hearsay and innuendo by the way it is described here.

Well it's the ambassador's honest evaluation of the situation based on his observations, reporting back to his nation as ambassador's do. I suppose that does make it an opinion, but heresay? How would such a legal term factor into this, it's not a court case. And innuendo? Why would an ambassador write in innuendo in a report back to his nation? That makes no sense.

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an act of "diplomatic vandalism" to spite his predecessor, Barack Obama.

It's clear Trump's in way over his head on international (and domestic) issues. What seems drive anything resembling policies is showing opposition to anything done by President Obama. Trump must be doing this in part to further appeal to his white nationalist base who never could get over seeing Obama and Michelle in the White House.

the media's right to publish.

A free, for-profit press is essential to democracies.

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Think about this: Why do the Iranians love Obama's deal so much?

Think about this: Why do the moron crew hate Obama's deal so much?

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We all knew that was the case anyway -- the man is so insecure and jealous of Obama that honestly politicians should be saying, "Obama wants to drill oil!" then Trump would declare drilling off limits. "Obama wants war with Iran," and Trump would declare it off-limits and fire Bolton. "Obama also loved the Kims in NK", then Trump would stop kissing Kim's butt. And someone should say, "Obama loved Trump," then maybe Trump would take a good, hard look in the mirror, and finally hate himself for the coward and disgusting person he is.

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Wow...Uncle Trump hates Obama so much! Was that a hysterical mania of "Made America Great Again?"

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Hardly surprising, we all know Trump and his hatred of intelligent black people. But who was the leaker?

Rumor has it that a member of the Brexit party and their journalist partner played a prominent role.

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Trump clearly has an obsession with the better man, Obama, who must surely be the stuff of his nightmares, which might explain why the White House "Midnight Rambler" sleeps so badly and dumps his tweets on the world to dispel the dark night of his soul.

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They explained most of the Dump's childish policies!

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Think about this: Why do the Iranians love Obama's deal so much?

Thank about this, and this requires some deep thinking - something Trumpers are not known for...

The moderates in Iran supported the deal, because it capped Iran's ability to make nuclear weapons grade materiel, and helped Iran open up to the rest of the world.

Conservatives and hard-liners hated the deal, and tried to defeat it at every turn.

They got their wish when Dimwit Donnie was elected...

Conservatives in league with conservatives...and now we're headed towards another Middle East war...

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Darroch aka Captain Obvious.

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I'll say the British Ambassador was smart but not too smart. If he was too smart and then he should write to his Government "just read and watch about the President Trump and his Government in the American News Papers and TVs. It was just happening in Washington".

All notes written by the Ambassador were reported in the News Papers and talk on the TVs. The Ambassador was doing spy job in Washington like during second world war in Nazi occupied Paris, but all of his reports were already published in the News Papers and discussion on the TV by political Journalist guests and TV political editor and host in an American TV show like meet the press. Now he lost his job and make enemies with Trump for life.

I believe in Press Freedom but also the press should respect the state secret and restraint when if it was needed. They should not look only for to sell papers and make money. This publication is huge damage to the British and the US relationship. There was no doubt about the trust between the British Government and the President Trump Government was broken. It's interesting to wait and see how new British Ambassador to the America will mend the broken trust between two countries.

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There are people who will side with Trump and those who will align themselves with an opposing side.

I can understand the comments about the White house during the initial periods - it must surely be difficult if you're not a career Politician to setup an administration that works with you in the way you want it, within the constraints of Politics.

This news-story was rebuffed by the BBC. The majority of the Republican party thought and agreed that the Iran deal was bad, and stated so during the Presidential Campaign too... so for anyone to stand up and say it's simply because Obama signed the deal... is totally wrong.

What underlies the whole issue here, is simply the fact that Iran got the better of the US back in the early 80's. And has ever since been rubbing the US's nose in it.... this continued provocation is naturally going to lead to a response, and now you have Donald Trump - I think, he's willing to go full throttle here, and I don't think there are many of his Supporters who would disagree with him.

Nostradamus believers should be jumping up and down with glee right now saying "we told you so"...

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Lots of people believed that deal was a bad idea. Nobody expected Iran to actually follow it, since they had been violating other, prior, agreements.

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Gotta give it up to the msm, they’ll say anything and the haters will just bite. Anyway, doesn’t matter, that disastrous deal was scrapped that’s all that really matters.

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Again an interesting article, as everything this person does is a "leak" and always throws a damper into US political scene and enhence and add to world opinion of not only Trump but also the US Congress. That is besides the fact that this leaked information has not been substantiated or even confirmed which beasically makes it an opinion and hearsay and innuendo by the way it is described here.

And sad that there are too many "assumptions" based upon the supposed outburst or statements by some persons "opposed" to Trumps decision knowing very well that it was Obama that wanted and paid for the deal. So if Trump had said it was Obama's deal.., it was. That does not mean that Trump decided to end it just because it was by Obama.

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Think about this: Why do the Iranians love Obama's deal so much?

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