'Leave It to Beaver' mom Barbara Billingsley dies at 94


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Hollywood icons, big and small, fade into black.....

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She was cool in "Airplane", also...

"Yes, I speak jive..."

R.I.P. Ms. Billingsley

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OMG! Not Mrs.Cleaver! I used to love this tv show! RIP Mrs. Cleaver.

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"Yes, I speak jive"


RIP Mrs. Billingsley.

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The show was intense high art. Great show. You can watch it as a relaxing bit of fluff, but if you take time to notice the tension, the show is full of it. And no character was more buttoned up craziness than June Cleaver. She was a tiger, I betcha.

She is the quintessential "play it ditzy so hubby doesn't know I control this household" passive aggressive housewife. Splendid stuff. Leave it to Beaver showed how screwed up a family could be before all the broken home shows came onto the scene: My Three Sons, Brady Bunch, Family Affair, Courtship of EF, etc.

In real life, Hugh Beaumont drank quite a lot and all the rest of the cast were kids, so she had to keep things together on the set a lot of the time, too.

Goodbye June. Thanks for all the fun.

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RIP Barbara. Your show was and will always remain a classic. It was so telling of the times when "dysfunctional" meant Beaver forgetting to wash his hands and getting in innocent bouts of mischief; and the most serious topics were alcoholism and divorce. Oh how I long for the good ole days.

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Well, 94 is a pretty good record. RIP, Ms. Cleaver. 'Twas a different time back then, and even watching the show again now, while some things you can't agree with, make you long for the life for the most part.

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Klein2, well said. June Cleaver was the passive/aggressive every man would love in his dream/nightmare. She was all clean and cool even when Ward went a little hard on the Beaver.

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