Lebanon's hash farmers fear going legal may hit profits

By Rouba El Husseini

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Cannabis is legal and now the criminals are complaining. Proof that legalization will hurt the cartels instead of helping them. Sorry guys, the gravy train has left. Now you get to make an honest living. Lol.

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good idea as cannabis shouldn't be illegal anyway.  But saying this will, fix Lebanon's economy and pay off the national debt is just nonsense.

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I think with millions of unemployed Syrians, their overheads are pretty much zero.

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"All these red-shingled houses around us have been built with marijuana money," says a local grower, speaking on condition of anonymity to avoid legal troubles.

Legal troubles? Right...

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The Lebanese are tough businessmen, they have to be, they've been buying from the Greeks and selling to the Jews for centuries.

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Legalised and the profits stop for criminals, as above Boo hoo criminals. It's a naturally occurring weed that grows anywhere, there is absolutely no reason for it to be stigmatised. Free the weed. Harry spot on, the toughest Roman soldiers were Lebanese/Syrian they are a formidable people. Legal or not best to treat it MJ as nothing. It does have medical use age and has yet to actually kill anyone.

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Been a few studies on teenage girl suicides.

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The growers should not fear legalization. Premium "Red Leb", famous among connoisseurs for its smooth high and choice taste, can compete with hash from anywhere in the world. The punters are out there waiting for the constipated, kill-joy, puritanical world to wake up and smell the hash!

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At least there are sells market in some few countries in Europe and states in USA, and some other countries. Probably now to sell higher prices, 'cos most countries are illegal and many people rushing now those "locations".

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