Lee Kuan Yew eulogized as architect of Singapore


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May great leader's soul rest in peace.

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Undeterred by heavy rain, tens of thousands of people lined a 15-kilometer (9-mile) route through the city

Mr Lee had prove track record for sound management, efficiency and strong leadership quality.

Watching people waiting early under rain has brought me back the memory of Lee making big speech for Singapore future back in late 1960s. As a young boy visiting Singapore, I was so impressive about his energy, determination and iron will. His facial expression, powerful voice and fist raising in the air have made the watching crowd wild with excitement and joy.

Back then the people were stood and listen his speech under heavy rain too. Singaporeans wiped out the racial tension and move on for the better future.

His funeral has reunited again all the different race and culture of Singapore as United People of Singapore. Farewell the best, brightest, charming, combative and strongest leader in my living memory. Enjoy the heaven!

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This man delivered Singapore following Malaysia's betrayal.

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The question that LKY fanboys have to answer is whether the opposition leaders who criticised LKY were justified in doing so before the economic rise of Singapore? When he seized power and stripped people of political freedoms and press freedom, the economic rise of Singapore was by no means foreseeable or guaranteed. At that time he was just another despot grabbing power and cutting down the opposition.

In otherwords, if you think LKY is a 'great leader', when was the exact moment that he became 'great'? Was it only when his plans finally succeeded or was he a great leader right from the start? It seems like alot of LKY fans think the ends justify the means. By those standards, we shouldn't criticise or oppose any despotic dictators, we should just submit to them and wait to see whether they turn out to be 'great' or not before we judge them.

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At that time he was just another despot grabbing power and cutting down the opposition.

He didn't cause any bloodshed, which is perhaps why he isn't hated outright?

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I wonder, will his coffin be laid to rest next to the coffin containing the rights of Singaporeans?

I suppose directly on top would be more poetic!

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