Legendary singer Lena Horne dies at 92


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"she was entertaining at an Army base and saw German prisoners of war sitting up front while black American soldiers were consigned to the rear"


RIP, Lena.

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Rest in peace, Lena. Thanks for everything!

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I remember watching her as a child. The family would all sit around the black and white TV and we'd see variety shows like Ed Sullivan. It was always a treat to see Lena perform. Loved her..loved her..loved her.

R.I.P. < :-)

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R.I.P Lena, she's led a long and plentiful life and made a difference in our lives. At least she got to see the end of segregation and advancement in the quality of life for all in the US.

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In reading the article, where Ms. Horne once said she married a white man in order to "get even," I am recalling Lenny Bruce's (mid-to-late 1950s) bit whereby he suggested that they should take the most virulent white supremacist and make him choose one of two women to spend the rest of his life with -- a white woman or black woman.

The bit ended something like: "The white woman is Kate Smith; and the black woman is Lena Horne.... So you're not concerned so much any more with black and white, are you?"

We will not see the likes of Lena again.

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Sarge: lol you're surprised? you don't know our great countries history?

RIP Lena. A true queen.

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She sang a mean rendition of "It's not easy being green"

RIP Mrs. Horne.

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Jbizzle - I do know our great country's history - I was expressing my empathy with Lena.

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