LGBTQ leaders warn of renewed wave of hostility around the world


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In Japan, gay activities were seen as a "hobby" (趣味), and at one point, your father would say "Stop playing around and get married and have kids!" The gay movement here wants to get people to understand that gay is a type of person, and like being left handed, you were born that way. At least here in Japan, we don't have the religious condemnation that there is in the West, and it is not great sin. We even have trans stars, like IKKO, Mikawa Kennich, andi Miwa Akihiro, who are very popular with everyone. But it is still not easy for many people, and we have to work for them.

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No, the world has changed and is slowly changing even further.

Maybe you are too old/stubborn/religious/proud etc. to admit it but younger generations are much more accepting of a person’s sexuality.

You think the glacier is not moving but it’s grinding stone underneath.

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That includes the discussion of "harmful practices such as conversion therapies, which are unethical, unscientific and torturous, yet legal in nearly 180 countries," he said.

So this person’s opinion is somehow correct and 180 countries are wrong?

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His face mask is rainbow colored but however the gay and LGBT flag isnt a rainbow as the gay flag designed by Gilbert Baker only has 6 Colors not 7 like a real rainbow

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The LBGTQ thing is getting tedious.

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I used to think the retort that those most opposed to LGBT rights are people hiding something was a cheap shot, but I think there is a lot of truth in it.

They do get suspiciously emotional about this.

I remember an interesting observation about those overly concerned with the sex lives of others. The person observed that those overly concerned about food tend to be the obese or the anorexic.

Food for thought.

In a lot of places, LGBT people face imprisonment, corporal punishment and some countries still have the death penalty on the books.

Associate with those people if you like.

Bigotry against LGBT people is so stupid. Societies worth living in have moved forward on this issue. A few dinosaurs are still bellowing across the swamps but they are sounding a bit decrepit now.

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In the middle ages it was being left handed (in Latin, "left" is "sinister") and now it is people being gay. One thing you notice about nature is the immense variety. Nature loves variety, and there are a variety of people. Get used to it!!

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There is a lot of hate on here towards members of the LGBT community,

Sad to see people so consumed by hatred.

Best try to find employment or a hobby.

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40 different gender identities to choose from ?

Goodness gracious they are certainly pushing the envelope with this identity crisis nonsense.

What are the 40 different identity choices ?

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What are the 40 different identity choices ?

There are men.

There are women.

And then, there are another 38 other genders under the "figment" section.

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