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Liberals dare Trump to back their bills lowering drug prices


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Everything will be cheaper with Trumpcare, just be patient.

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Its going to be fun reading Trump supporters bliviating about how this is just more governmental interference in the market. For them, it's a-okay when Trump wades into the middle of the market to dictate how businesses are run, but completely unreasonable for democrats to do so.

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Trump's pledge to force drugmakers to cut prices.

This is going to be hard to do given how how much money so many pols on both sides of the aisle get from big pharma.

Has Trump released his most current tax info to show if he and family are heavily invested in big pharma?

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The patent system in the US protects people who bring something new and innovative first. When they finally get it to market, much time has passed, so they only have a few years to gain as much profit as possible. Is this right or morally defensible? That is a question for society.

In certain areas of society, 100% capitalism is a failure. Perhaps drug sales is one of those places where govt interference is required for the good of the country?

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Unbridled Capitalism leads to the same end as Communism, an extreme division of wealth, with a small number of haves, and a massive number of have-nots. Balance is the key. Capitalism is necessary for innovation, and social safety measures, as well as protections against unbridled capitalism, are necessary for a healthy society.

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I would love to see big pharma brought to heel. But I'm afraid that pharma has bought the swamp.

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Everything will be cheaper with Trumpcare, just be patient.

You mean, Trumpdoesntcare. Literally.

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Though I'm no Trump fan, I would be thrilled if the Democrats and Trump together strong-armed a drug cost control bill into reality, making enough Republicans sign on to get passage. Trump is wrong on just about everything but from the very beginning of his campaign has been right about this: drug prices have to go down. His base will adore him for it and frankly, I'll kind of like him for at least a little while too. It would be a great moment (finally) for his Administration, for bipartisanship, and for the American citizen struggling to afford necessary medicine.

Big Pharma's excuse -- that they can't lower prices because they need to keep them high to fund research -- is a joke when you look at their profits. Their profits are better than almost any other industry's. I guess we can assume that, since research is so important, they have it fully funded, and those enormous profits are excess. Let's just reduce drug prices by 90% of the amount of those profits.

Oh, and let's have some of that good free market competition by letting us buy Canadian drugs too.

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Everything will be cheaper with Trumpcare, just be patient.

Everything was cheaper and better with Obamacare.

No, wait, it wasn't! One of the reasons Trump was elected.

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Pro pharmaceutical industry vs. Anti pharmaceutical industry

This will be interesting

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Holly Campbell, a spokeswoman for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, said Sanders' plan would harm U.S. patients.

If the drug Companies do not want cheap competition from outside and then they need to lower the Medicine price themselves.

In Australia, a drug called Sovaldi hepatitis C drugs cost nearly a hundred thousand but same drug cost just $ 900 in India. They need to change their practice and the price of Medicine should not be same as other countries when they sold cheaper than the US or the Australia.

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