Libya rebels flee assault as world leaders say Gadhafi should go


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World leaders: "Gadhafi should step down... we believe he must go"

Gadhafi thinks otherwise. He's toast, but the toaster oven is still on low. Howz about Libyan neighbors Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria sending in some ground forces to help put down this madman? Apparently their air forces are useless...

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World leaders meeting in London agreed that Gadhafi should step down but have yet to decide what additional pressure to put on him.

A new Yalta?

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East Libya has always been #1 for Al-Qaida recruitment. Al Qaida is part of the CIA --> so it only makes sense that they are helping their brothers. I thought Obama and Gadhafi were "Muslim Brothers" at one time also,

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Tunisia, Egypt, Libya Protests, and the likes, share one thing in common.

It would boil down to unstoppable wave and movement of freedom.

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No matter,who is right or wrong,in libya. They got to stop the fighting and suffering in Libya.

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It would be great if NATO will arm eastern libyans.Al-qaida will strike back NATO with their own weapon then.And it will be an "ok" thing when people in Europe and US will be killed by terrorists, because they voted for their presidents and goverments.

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supporting those rebels is not a good idea. once they are in power still they accuse USA and other Christian countries. Let China and Russia deal this matter. Support or oppose the rebels.

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