Libyan leader seeks to calm West on Sharia fears


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Time will tell.

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National Transitional Council leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil said Sunday that Islamic Sharia law would be the main source of legislation, that laws contradicting its tenets would be nullified, and that polygamy would be legalized.

Another on my list of a no go country.

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Another on my list of a no go country.

It was on your "go to" list in the first place?

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One man's "moderation" is another man's brutal atrocity.

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With all the religious crap now out in the open All HELL will brake loose!! First Iraq now Libya!! Hope for best but prepare for the worst!!! IMHO.

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"Islamic Sharia law would be the main source of legislation... polygamy would be legalized"

This sucks!

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Thank you so much, NATO! We so really needed another "Taleban regime". Especially now the little girls who get acid thrown on their faces for going to school really sing you beautiful songs from now. But hey, after ten years, we can all discuss if this vicious tyrant was better or worse than the previous vicious tyrant. It's not like we would know already from what happened in Shah's Iran, Iraq in the '80's, Mujahadin of Afghanistan...

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Have to agree with Elbuda. Everything became a mess in those countries because of the western greed or incompetence, probably both.

Now we have chaos when those were beautiful places with reach history and traditions. When everything else has collapsed only the religion remains Savior and in these cases Islam comes at its extreme.

I hope I am wrong but I don't see the whole region pacified for a very, very long time. Not our lifetime I would say...

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" "Islamic Sharia law would be the main source of legislation... polygamy would be legalized" This sucks! "

This sucks, but it was entirely predictable, and was, in fact, predicted. Including here. Only mainstream media and Western politicians continue to be deluded about the nature of the "Arab Spring".

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" Anything less would be disappointing and I would hope that by the time of the general elections in 8 months, they will decide to keep Sharia Law out of the state government? "

Wrong. They will not. Because in a 98% muslim country like Libya, the majority will always vote for more islam, and more islam means Shariah. That is the playbook that always works in the islamic world, with predictable results.

And that is why the Western delusion about bringing "democracy" is so misguided. Democracy needs a foundation with checks and balances, indepentend institutions, a moderate constitution, a culture of free debate, political parties, etc.

A simple majority vote for the best demagogue is not democracy, it is mob rule.

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Libyan people are not dumb. They're quite well-educated actually. They're not a bunch of tribesmen living in the desert that Gaddhafi portrayed himself. Islamists may be the largest faction, but they are still just a minority. Educated Libyans will find a balance between religion and law. Westerners should stop treating them like dumb people.

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