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Libyan PM freed after being held several hours by militia


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Former rebels????

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I see a deal coming.

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Former rebels

Thought former rebels are the ones now in power..........

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This Arab spring, birth of democracy thing. Going quite well don't you think?

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Four days ago it was: U.S. commandos raid Somalia, nab Libyan al-Qaida leader

Now its: Libyan prime minister kidnapped

Is it not fascinating how when the U.S. does an extra-legal arrest, they just "nabbed" a man. But when anyone else does it is "kidnapped", officially, right in the headline.

Bear in mind that Libi's family said he was kidnapped, but that is given little creedence. The Libyan PM himself condemned the U.S. raid and would also no doubt call it a kidnapping. But that is given little creedence. This group said it arrested the PM, but the article puts it in quotes, and otherwise clearly labels it a kidnapping.

And its not that I am supporting the guys that nabbed the PM. I am simply pointing out that the U.S. government is given favorable press for what not only amounts to a kidnapping, but is coupled with a violation of national sovereignty.

Can we not call a spade a spade?

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Yes indeed. Spreading freedom and democracy has been a stunning success.

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CF How about kidnabbed then?

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Fine by me, so long as its applied consistently.

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