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Libyans burn UK, Italy missions after NATO strike


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"The Russian Foreign Ministry on Sunday accused NATO of a "disproportionate use of force"

Well, shucks, have to do something about Gadhafi's disproportionate use of force that has killed thousands of people.

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yes yes like the WMD, like the incubator story and the viagra story.i would feel better if Nato was saying "we r going there for oil and there is nothing u can about it".Those who assert that Gadafi is killing his own people can u show proofs?Nato said he is, Gadafi said he didn't, HRW said Gadafi forces targeted rebel forces.

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It is a shame what Nato is doing there. So sad for the killed children.

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@afroengineer, can you prove that Gadafi isn't killing his own people? Obviously the "rebels" are claiming it themselves as well as non-fighting citizens. And either one of two things is true. Gadafi is telling the truth, or the rebels/opposing citizens are telling the truth. And from what we've seen from the past, Gadafi really doesn't have a great track record at telling the truth (in a non-rambling ranting way).

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And some people ask "Why do they hate the west?" Its like some people view the world through a Viewfinder toy from the 1970s.

But, but...Libya only has 2 percent of the world's oil! Do you have any idea how much oil that is? Do you have any idea how easy it will be to get that oil? Russia has a lot of oil, but its pure hell to get to it. And offshore drilling can be a big problem too as everyone without Alzheimers should remember.

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Ah, bombing another Arab country illegally. Hope and Change, the Obama way.

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Toddo: the west only go after weak country, why you think they didnt go into Georgia?

because there they will have to fight a real Army!!

The Brit and American are the bully of the planet, but they know who they bully, they get the you know what kick but the Russian or Chinese.

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Karma is a bitch, and Kaddhafi has lots of evil karma to make up for. Sure, violence will never be the real answer to any of these problems, because now NATO is also making plenty of karma, when will we ever learn??

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What is the point of the NATO stance? Obama's position is just clueless at best.

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What did you expect! NATO getting involved in another country! I would call Britain, France and the whole bunch hypocrites! Don't forget what the British all did to other countries down the ages, and what about the USA?, no better I believe.

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We're all with the Libyan people! If they want change, then that's what should happen.

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" We're all with the Libyan people! "

And which Libyan people would that be? The pro-Gaddafi clan, or the anti-Gaddafi clan?

Obama and Sarkozy have waddled into the middle of an Arab civil war, and now matter the outcome, they are losers either way.

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Just for the record, you're saying that NATO should have simply stood by and looked on as Ghadaffi put down the popular up-rising with a bloody massacre?

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How old were the children?Were they as disfigured as their father?Were they boys or girls? And, after all, why would anyone shoot at a house with kids inside? Why would NATO's army fall to the level of the Gadaffi's army to shoot at children?

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Why would NATO's army fall to the level of the Gadaffi's army to shoot at children?

As stated on other articles the deaths were the result of a NATO airstrike on a command center, you know, a place one doesn't normally stick a daycare.

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@Madverts obviously we're ignoring Syria's bloody crackdown... Good thing the US isn't leading on this one though. I was tired of our country made to be the scapegoat by the the other NATO countries. Time for them to eat the bread they bake too.

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@Willy. Wrong. AGAIN. This has the mandate of UN Resolution 1973. Recognized by international law.

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