Limping N Korean leader leads memorial for Kim Il-Sung


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Basketball or diabetes?

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The poor dear leader is limping. Did he hit is big toe when getting out of bed? What an important factoid to know.

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Maybe injured practicing his "Cobra Twister" in preparation for the upcomming pro wrestling extravaganza?

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Kim Jong-Un bears a striking physical resemblance to his grandfather,

Cosmetic surgery gets better all the time...

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Knee issues due to how fat he is?? The kid has blown up and let's be honest, he isn't carrying it well. Better get on having a kid because he won't last long at his size.

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Lim Ping. What's he, the new guy? Anyway, suffering from baskebetes, no doubt.

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If the kid was limping today maybe he'll keel over in 20 more years, gosh he'd better hurry up and get that wife of his pregnant with a son who can take over for him.

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So if Kim Il-Sung was the "greatest leader in human history" , then, by definition, the current "Dear Leader" isn't quite up to scratch.

Which doesn't bode well for his future....

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When N.Korean will be mourning little dear great leader overweight Kim Jong Un?

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