Live rat found in loaf of bread in Australia


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There was another case before in which a dead rat was found baked into a loaf of bread. It's hard to say which is preferable: finding a live rat or a baked rat in your bread loaf.

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Worst is finding a rat with a bit missing after taking a bite.

Ditto with apples and worms, worst is finding half a worm. ;)

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The local newspapers are now saying it was a mouse, not a rat.

How do you not notice a live mouse in your shopping until you get it out to your car? Wouldn't it move when the bread was lifted off the shelf? Do a bit of scurrying when it went through the cash register? Wouldn't there be a noticeable hole in the bag where it got in?

I smell a rat.....

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I think baked rat would be preferable, especially if you in India. Just throw tomato, mayo, some cheese and you got yourself a sub.

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Rats a eaten in many countries and a good source of protein, without much fat. White bread is not so healthy.

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Zenny, you just made my day. I lost my appetite for anything. I would have screamed like hell if that would have happened to me.

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" It's hard to say which is preferable: finding a live rat or a baked rat in your bread loaf. "

Baked rat is tastier? And sure healthier than your local double Mac greaseburger.

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'“It came from their shop but they are saying it was in the bread before it was delivered to the shop,” she said.'

Should be easy enough to find out. If there was a hole in the bread bag somewhere then it's definitely the shops responsibility (unless they also package it there in which case there can be little to no doubt). In any case, the smart thing for the shop to do would have been to take apologize profusely, offer reimbursement (of course), and ensure that checks would be made so it would not happen again. Denying responsibility is a SURE way of bringing more negative attention on the shop, and they will likely just have to do the aforementioned anyway later.

In any case... disgusting (I'm literally reading this as I eat bread products from the local 'bakery').

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Yummy! Well, off to the supermarket I go! "hon, should go pick up some milk and BREAD?". "Yes dear, but make sure the bread isn't moving".

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