London attacker cheerful, joking on eve of deadly rampage


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There are special places in hell for cowardly people who think that it's acceptable to run down innocent civilians, killing 3 and then proceeding,in the most brutal way, to fatally stab a police officer who's only "crime" in this villains eyes was being a policeman!

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Some people can afford a credit card, rent a car and stay in a hotel in London. My wife would freak out if I considered wasting such money. Does this suggest he saved up for the big event, or that he was subsidized by others?

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nandakandamanda, it probably only suggests that he thought money would not be of any use to him after doing what he was planning on doing.

And joyriding... totally agree.

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Absolute sympathies to anyone who actually lost someone in this attack, because a legitimate connection to a loss deserves dignity and compassion. But on a macro-societal level, it is odd to see far rightists trying to exploit this incident as proof of how supposedly dangerous Muslims are. This "terror attack" had a casualty count comparable to a bad car accident or an apartment fire - certainly disastrous for the people involved but hardly international news.

The more we learn about the attacker, the more clear it becomes that he wasn't a true believer or religious fanatic, a foreign fighter or any of the other kinds of boogieman who keep bigots up at night. He was just a troubled man with a history of violence and instead of finding solutions for his problems he found a way to go out in a blaze of ...something. More than anything else, this makes me think "the West's" anxieties about foreign-looking people with funny names could be solved fairly easily with some better mental health care.

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