London open all hours as night tube service launches


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This is progress. Hope Tokyo will follow.

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New York has been doing this since forever and I was so spoiled as a young adult. Didn't realize it until I got to Japan: last train at around midnight. What a drag!

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I sincerely hope Tokyo WILL NOT follow this example. Think about it. The main reason the subway works so efficiently here is that Tokyo Metro have time do maintenance overnight.

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I sincerely hope Tokyo WILL NOT follow this example.

At least London has a very good night bus network. Tokyo has zilch - not at all helpful for a so-called international city which is pretty much awake 24/7. Authorities probably don't want to take money away from taxi drivers.

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It's only on two lines and on Friday and Saturday nights only, so hardly the boon for shift workers that people have been harping on about. Wait until maintenance work needs to be done, the Tube will have to close at night then. The night buses are better for most TBH, they cover the whole of London.

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