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Los Angeles bans plastic bags in grocery stores


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Imagine trying this in Japan!!!!!??

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Nanny-State West. Bring back paper sacks, then?

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Wakarimasen - many Japanese supermarkets already have this rule

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Wakarimasen - many Japanese supermarkets already have this rule

True. You are charged 3 to 5 yen for a plastic bag, which most housewives try to avoid at all cost (!). Unfortunately the shops don't offer paper bags.

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Whereas this is helpful for the environment, it may have some health consequences. Studies in the US are finding that because none of us ever wash the reuseable bags, the bags tend to end up with high bacteria levels inside.

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Get rid of plastic bags. We need biodegradable bags to protect the environment.

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Never could understand the amount of plastic that the food comes in at stores. It's mostly recycled in separated trash but still weight wise, it seems so much more than the bags.Why isn't that being addressed, too? Is there an alternative?

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