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M6.8 quake felt across New Zealand


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Plenty of friends in Wellington, hang in there guys. One friend whose parents farm in Marlborough and near the epi centre of the recent temblors. They are on edge.

No tsunami alert was issued.

and its highly unlikely that a quake in NZ will. They are not the Big oceanic trench quakes of Aceh and Tohoku that create tsunamis. Dynamics are different.

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I hate earthquakes, Mexico, California, Japan and yes NZ are all on this so called Ring of Fire, and do hope the good people in New Zealand are safe!

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I hate earthquakes too...and this Ring of Fire expression is certainly a scary one, Elbuda. I hope that everyone is ok in Kiwiland.

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Kia kaha, guys.

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There wasn't anything too bad, I think there was one house collapse in Nelson... People in Wellington seem to be pretty shaken up though. I'm an hour and a half north of Wellington and the first one felt like the ground was rubber for at least 30 seconds... But everyone around the country felt them, the aftershocks(around 5 on the scale) have been happening all afternoon.

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6.8 is big

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