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At least 24 killed as M7.4 quake hits devastated Nepal


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Reports suggest that this time there was comparatively less panic and chaos in the areas jolted by second major earthquake yesterday in Nepal because people as well as the concerned authorities seemed to be alert or prepared , though not so well for a big earthquake of 7.3 magnitude. So there were not as many casualties or deaths though it can also be reasoned by the fact that the second major earthquake happened to be less potent than the first one on 25 April. This shows that had the hint of this writer of last year on 2 June 2014 that earthquake around April 2015 could jolt a country whose name begins with letter "N" got wider attention , there could have been likewise preparedness in relation to 25 April 2015 earthquake raising likelihood of hopes of reduced loss of life. The prediction was hinted last year on 2 June 2014 in article - Stressful times ahead for world economy in 2015 and 2016 - at online magazine astrologyweekly.com.

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Just looking at the damaged buildings I think Japan could usefully offer some of their expertise in rebuilding to better resist earthquakes. Also China, as they would know that when the '96 or '97 earthquake hit Lijiang, while most of the new part of the town made of bricks was demolished, most of the old town buildings, made of wood, survived. Timber supplies could be part of the international assistance effort too.

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I think 7.4-mag is about 4/10 as big and 1/4 as strong as the 7.8-mag

At least this one occurred deeper than the previous one.

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Just hope that the damage is nowhere near what it was last time. Hope the UN can pitch in and help with the recovery.

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Jeez, can't they catch a break? That's almost as bad as the first one.

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As expected, that place is still rocking. Hope everyone rode this big one out successfully.

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Whoah, not again!

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