M8.3 quake shakes Chile; 8 dead, 1 million evacuated


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Nibiru? Funny! No, more likely related to the coronal hole turning away from the Earth-facing side of the Sun.

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Can this be Nibiru approaching? We are having more and more of these quakes lately

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Don't know about Hawaii, but waves of 4.5 metres have been reported in some parts of Chile. NZ is also on alert with suggestions that waves of up to a metre might hit. A metre might not sound like much but as most should know the height of a tsunami is only a small part of the trouble with them.

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A couple of my friends are travelling in the area just north of where that 8.3 hit and they said it was a pretty long lasting quake. Soon after that their cell phones' Tsunami alert app went off and because they were in area in La Serena which is barely above sea level, they got in their rental car and booted it up the hill further inland. He said that in that rush to get out it was like 3.11 all over again. He was pretty freaked out by the whole thing but people were for the most part fairly organized.

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Great news for Japanese govt. no need to report on mass anti article 9 protests, volcanoes exploding around newly restarted NPP, TPP, Okinawian revolt against Japanese govt...just 24 hour tv coverage of the possible tsunami. No disrespect to Tohoku tsunami suffers though.

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WilliBSep. 17, 2015 - 09:19AM JST

Don't be on it. The Chilean earthquake of 1960 set off a tsunami that reached 6 meters in height that reached Japan.

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The tsunami should arrive at Japan later tonight, but will be pretty microscopic by then. Stand by for TV reporters reporting about non-existant waves.

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