M8 earthquake hits Russia's Far East


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How usual is an earthquake in this area, I wonder?

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Earthquakes there are common, earthquakes of magnitute 9 and 8 have happened several times over the centuries.

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From the USGS

This deep section of the Pacific slab beneath the Sea of Okhotsk has hosted several large earthquakes in the past , four above M 6 within 200 km of the May 24 event since 1988. These included a M 7.7 earthquake in July 2008, 115 km to the southwest at a depth of 630 km, and a M 7.3 event in November of the same year, 95 km to the southeast at a depth of 490 km. Because of their great depths, none are known to have caused damage. Intermediate-depth (70-300 km) and deep-focus (depth > 300 km) earthquakes are distinguished from shallow earthquakes (0-70 km) by the nature of their tectonic setting, and are in general less hazardous than their shallow counterparts, though they may be felt at great distances from their epicenters.

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Wow.... for it to shake Moscow that far away it had to have been pretty powerful. Glad no tsunami occurred.

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I find it a bit hard to believe that they felt that earthquake in Moscow when I didn't even feel anything in Hokkaido which is a mere 300 km away. I had to look up JMA otherwise I wouldn't even have known that there was an earthquake. I saw the swaying buildings in Moscow on the Tube but couldn't it have been that this was an another earthquake?

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Thanks for the information, Harald and bigfujiyama.

So we could still get big ones here in Japan too, if this is all an on-going process, like chunks of ice wall breaking away from glaciers..

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There was a slight eartquake in kobe this afternoon, i wonder if it is related

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Yes, according to JMA's map. Click back to 14:47 this afternoon.

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14:57, sorry.

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Although it was an M8, this event was good for the area. As long as the fault continually releases stress, there is less chance for another tsunami.

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Glad it happens out in the middle of nowhere! If that had been farther south?? Say near Hokkaido etc..Foxie is right!!

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