Macron chides Netanyahu on settlements, urges new Mideast talks


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Opposition to the current Israeli government is not anti antisemitism, it is an act of conscience and moral indignation. It is not hatred of Jews, only of Netanyahu's rotten government. If that is anti Zionism, so be it.

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The French flag and the EU flag standing together. Macron scowling. His standing within the EU must have gone up since Britain started the withdrawal process.

Good for him though for speaking up. Those Israeli settlements are scandalous daylight robbery when viewed from a neutral perspective, but the settlers obviously do not want the world's sympathy.

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The settlements are not only bad; they are stupid - a constant reminder that Zionism, as a historical event, was predicated in part on stealing Arab land.

And here's the kicker: secular, Reform and Conservative (i.e nearly most) American Jews under the age of 50 overwhelmingly don't like that. And this, along with our dislike for the cultish Orto Settlers and their fanatic religiosity in general, we have begun to distance ourselves from Israel.

Settlements spell the death of American Jewry's affiliation with Israel.

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Black Sabbath - Settlements spell the death of American Jewry's affiliation with Israel.

I hope so. Israel's another democracy choosing the path of religious right-wing nuttery.

Netanyahu was only re-elected by a election night promise to deny the Palestinians statehood. Israel has no intention of changing the status quo from what we see today.He's a fundie like alter-ego Hamas. Just their guns are bigger.

Why do Americans pay for Israel and not their own health-care?

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Not there to know and see exactly what is going on.

Do not know the exact intentions of the surrounding countries politically and culturally as neighboring nations.

But this religious conflict and social-racial conflict tha is going on for Centuries is extremely harmful for world stability and progress. It is petty especially when it is no longer internationalism vs globalism, but the planet earth and humanity vs universe in concept and reality.

Ah.h.h.h... this selfish greed to dominate, empowered by self-righteous religious beliefs.

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If you are calling for respect for international law, it helps not to be standing next to an invited guest who is committing (and committed to continuing to commit) War crimes and a crime against humanity. Well, I suppose it would be OK if Macron Macron's invitation had been to bring Netanyahu someplace he was going to be arrested and tried for those crimes, but otherwise it sounds hollow.

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