Macron faces fight as French unions flex muscles


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France will experience retirement at 75years old like the Japanese, work until death!

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"Keeping people with work in their work means that people who haven't got any can't find it," he added.

What is that!?

If someone is happy to be in their work, who is to tell them what to do because of their age?


"I don't know anyone who wants to work for longer, …. ," a minister close to the president told AFP last week

Wow the ministers acquaintances are all such layabouts?

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It is bizarre that that person thinks there is a fixed pie of jobs… grow the pie?!

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Seems industrial action picking up all over the world. Poor economic policies of the last decade and more coming home to roost.

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Macron is just clown.

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Emmanuel Macron France is at the mercy of the same predicament as the UK government, the US Federal Reserve board and there ratcheting up of US interest rates to curb inflation.

Euro to Dollar 0.97.

And to add to the pain ECB is about to raise rates.

Monetary policy decisions

Germany and the Northern member states will resist Russian energy cap leaving France and the southern states in a impossible predicament.

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I guess they really need to improve education in economics. Everyone expects free money from the government so they are not poorer when there is a global economic depression. They don't mind getting richer in an economic bubble, but aren't happy if they can't avoid the laws of economic gravity when the scales tip the other way. They aren't going to enjoy an IMF bailout, or sterling sinking further below the USD. Taking down globalisation is going to cost a huge amount of everyone's cash.

In the UK state propagandists the BBC try their best to avoid mentioning some of the main reasons for inflation: Brexit, the decline of sterling and the sanctions. They just blame it on Russia. The cracks are starting to appear as others are blaming government policies and it is becoming harder to avoid reporting on them.

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Everyone expects free money from the government

They're not expecting free money from the government. What gave you that silly idea? How is asking for a reasonable wage wanting "free money"?

I'm guessing you didn't think your comment through, as it makes you look pretty low intelligence.

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