Macron keeps an open line to Putin as war in Ukraine rages


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It’s an important role. At least if one Western leader is still able to talk to Putin, it’s a window into his thinking and Macron becomes a potential conduit for negotiations at some point in the hopefully not too distant future. Macron has to make sure, though, that he doesn’t get conned by a wily and ruthless political operator.

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Credit where credit's due; there should always be a diplomatic channel open somewhere.

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The only thing Putin wants is for the West to not support Ukraine. He will only talk with Macron if he thinks that doing so will lead to that end.

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Putin has proven over and over again that he has only one agenda and that is to make Russia the Great Old Soviet Union again and one who thinks otherwise is a FOOL.

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The entire world know that this 100% untrue:

There is “absolutely no illusion at the Elysee that Putin will keep his word on anything he promises,” Haddad said

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The calibration is totally useless. For all the talks, in the past, and repeating today from Macron, Merkel, Scholz Stoltenberg......totally irrelevant. Isn't the invasion of Ukraine enough to prove that all these leaders have misjudged their own security? They should all be feeling really small and go and find a rock somewhere to hide, to see Macron still appearing for photo opportunity just makes me laugh, just pathetic and shameless.

It's proven now. NATO thinks escalation is sliding down a rabbit hole and really hard to claw back. Putin thinks escalation is like climbing a ladder and easy to come down again. Talk/diplomacy is irrelevant when one party practices appeasement whilst the other practices conquest. Will never meet, just ask Chamberlain.

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Quick note that it's not like Macron and Scholz didn't know about Putin's plans - they held calls few days before the start of the military op.

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to all of you who "moralize" here about bad Russia i have just one simple question.

why you did not "moralize" when there was killing of russians in Odessa,why did you not "moralize" when Poroshenko troops have attacked by rockets and artillery Lugansk and Donetsk regions when many innocent civilina swere dying everyday,why did you not "moralize" when NATO clearly came so close to Russia and became direct threat for Russia security and its national interests,why did you not "moralize" when nazi groups like Azov have terrorized russians in Ukraine and government from Kiev did nothing with that racism xenophobia and open rusophobia and have treated own citizens with russian background like rubbish,deprive them from their right to use own native language in schools,news,radio etc,why did you not "moralize" when Ukraine did not follow single step from Minsk agreement and did NOTHING for 8 years just to provoke Russia all the time?

just to be sure and make it clear for once and forever-i am against ANY war and this russian attack is no exception but all of you have to understand that there is action and reaction in this world and it still works-sometimes even in cruel way.

now you can "moralize" more and I am sorry for disturbing...

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He wants to be boss of the EU and has an upcoming election. Unfortunately his main rival is far right Le Pen or the far right Jewish guy.

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Main picture - "You've twisted my arm Vlad. I'll have ONE vodka with you. ONE!"

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 one of the few outsiders with a view into Putin’s mindset

Those views will probably result in permanent nightmares. Putin has shown he's a rival with Stalin and Hitler as the most hideous 'leader' in modern history. And Putin now has Tucker and Tulsi doing propaganda for him. But far right media and anti-American American politicians have long supported Putin.

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now you can "moralize" more and I am sorry for disturbing...

Go watch videos showing dead bodies of Ukrainian citizens on the streets of Ukraine, if that makes you feel morally better. I have long been sickened by pictures of innocents who were slaughtered by US forces. But I do not ever recall cheering on my leaders and their military, nor trying to defend what they were doing.

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 or the far right Jewish guy.

Putin's fascist followers have a fascist's view of the world, not too different from Stalin's or the guy who had been Stalin's partner. for a brief while. Stalin kept his forces killing Jews after WW2. Putin and his fellow KGB fascists helped drive many Jewish people out of the USSR, to the benefit of states that were enemies of the USSR,

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It appears that Macron is still holding Putin's vodka, a distasteful role for anyone, but at least he's making himself useful as the only western leader whispering into the madman's ear in a desperate attempt to instill a modicum of common sense into the head of Russia's tin-pot Stalin. Problem is, megalomania makes a man tone-deaf.

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Good, I am glad at least some diplomatic channels stay open. It's why we have those channels.

How much will come of it, I am not sure, but if there's any chance it helps expediate an end to hostilities, great. Russia was pretty clear about what it'd take to stop the war, but if Macron can make people see reason good on him.

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deprive them from their right to use own native language in schools,news,radio etc

So now it is a right to use your own native language in schools, news, radio, etc ... in a country where it is not a language.

Lets go demonstrate in front of diet, call the media, call the international court, ... Japan is depriving us of our right by daring to use their country language in school, media, radio, etc, ... think nobody in the world or at least I though before reading that.

Also could we have links to the numerous evacuation advice&co sent by Russia to their national under treat by regime and report of the exodus of Russian people leaving by the hundred of thousand to protect their family/themselves over the past 8 years ; you know like what happen everywhere in the world when a government think their national are at risk and people with other nationality think they are at risk in their current residence place.

There is limit to propaganda.

Just look at Russia demands and actions.

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Instead of mercy, the French president on Monday denounced Moscow's “cynicism” after a new pledge for humanitarian corridors from some under-fire Ukrainian cities — with most of the routes leading toward Russia or its ally Belarus, which served as a launching ground for the invasion.

Putin is an idiot if he thinks they would flee directly into the grasp of the people who are bombing and invading their country. Ukrainians are much smarter than that. They will only escape to safe parts of Ukraine, or to the countries on their western border.

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It’s smart to keep an open line. For example, if there’s a terrorist with a bomb on a crowded bus full of hostages making demands, you communicate with him and listen regardless of how crazy he is.

In this case we’re dealing with a terrorist who’s also a bonafide war criminal, but it’s the same game except the number of lives at stake is far greater.

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If Russia hadn’t invaded and occupied Ukraine 8 years ago the Minsk agreement itself would have been unnecessary.

Look at the flow of refugees - if Ukrainians really wanted to be part of Russia, wouldn’t the majority be fleeing east not west?

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President Marcon has put his heart and soul into leading Europe's efforts searching for a diplomatic solution to deescalating this crisis/war.

Macron has good reason April 10th the French electorate will judge whether he is fit for reelection.

I can't help but ascertain the wily Putin has humiliated the genuine efforts and time President Macron has devoted to finding a peaceful solution.

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Look at the flow of refugees - if Ukrainians really wanted to be part of Russia, wouldn’t the majority be fleeing east not west?

I don't really understand the point you're making, but according to the UNHCR, in 2014, 730,000 fled Donbas for Russia.

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