Macron proposes new political union for non-EU countries


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I like it. Liberal Democracies must be encouraged, nourished, and protected against the autocracies and theocracies of the world.

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The EU is messed up because every single member has to agree when something is voted on and there's no real system for kicking out a member that doesn't voluntarily want to leave. Therefore, start up a new and improved EU-like organization like Macron suggests that has a charter that is very similar to the EU's but fixes all of their mistakes. Then EU members can leave the EU and join the new organization over time.

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Disband NATO, form EU only army, and create a European free trade zone, problem solved.

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No need for a political union, as these inevitably erode sovereignty. Economic/trade alliances are better. And anything with Macron involved should be avoided at all costs.

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The EU is great as a trading bloc but not as a political force. There's just too much bureaucracy and different interests at heart.

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Macron and Sholtz interest in anything should make any world leader cringe.

Any union formed now or even 10 years from now would be absolutely worthless past paper. This is simply a way for European leaders and their backers to feel less guilty. Anyone who is worrh their salt in research could see that.

These European leaders and thier corporate sponsers are like 7th gate if hell evil. They are buying oil from Russia, who intern funds thier military who by cause and effect go out and destroy Ukraine, and they know it.

Any country still buying oil from Ukraine or supporting it, or who doesn't support a full stop of any Russian import has no right trying to form some paper union; And you gotta know Zelenskyy knows it too. It madness.

The only they got coming is revolution.

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Someone needs to tell this little 'Jupiter' that we made our decision in 2016 and we meant it.

Thank God for Brexit. As the Bard once wrote, 'Britain is a world by itself and we will nothing pay for wearing our own noses.'

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