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Macron vs Le Pen: Opposing styles and visions for France


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The fallacy is believing French voters are as gullible as Americans. They express their emotions in the first round, then in the second they decide reasonably which of the two remaining candidates they want running their country for five years. They are not going to sacrifice their republic on some unrealistic "principle" and they are not as susceptible to outright lies. 


France has never elected a fascist and is not about to.

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May 3rd debate should be interesting. Both are erudite, eloquent, witty and smart and this could be one of the greatest pre 2nd rd debate we have had in decades.

Also love the fact candidates' private life, kids, partner etc aren't at the centre of the campaign.

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I've been a Macron supporter from the start when victory seemed impossible, so quite excited about the result. (but I had the same feeling about Tony Blair and Obama so maybe I shouldn't get too excited)

It's interesting when you look at the opinion polling issue by issue. Support for the EU is something around 60%, keeping the Euro is even higher at around 75% (which is odd if you want to reconcile the two), and Chatham House did a poll last year showing support for a total ban on Islamic immigration was over 60% (with less than 20% opposed).

What is becoming clear is that the deal breaker for voters when it came to voting for Le Pen was the EU and the economic suicide of any potential withdrawal. If she had positioned herself as an EU reform candidate rather than an EU withdrawal candidate, would we be staring down the barrel of a Le Pen presidency today?

The reason I ask is because the latest news is that Le Pen has quit her position as head of the FN today. She is essentially an independent candidate at this point. Is she going to unshackle herself from the unpopular parts of the FN manifesto in the 2nd round? I still don't think she could win, but it will be interesting to see what happens.

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goodluck to Le Pen!

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M3 and zichi, she hasnt resigned per se, she has temporarily stepped down as head of the FN till election day.

In doing so she tacitly admits that her party can't win the election, which is probably true. It's a PR coup as MLP is the FN as much as FN is MLP but she has no choice, bit of a desperate move to distance herself from her own party and the stigma attached to it.

M3, i think you're spot on about le pen's anti eu approach costing her the election. I actually think it's her 'let's go back to the french franc' silly position that's hurting her big time. Even the most nationalistic frenchman doesn't mind the euro. It's imo this kind of symbolic/nationalist nonsense that will cost her the W, not her position re immigration or national security.

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The European Union is obsolete. The test has failed, and remember that is what is was.

The sooner we get on with it the better. Viva Le Pen!

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France has never elected a fascist and is not about to.

Crazy Joe - Le Pen is a Fascist now? Amazing how millennials throw that term around so casually these days to make themselves feel better.

I saw a guy jaywalk the other day. Bloody fascist.

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"unholy alliances"

> What pray tell constitutes a holy alliance?

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Macron : 62%


Its a shame she will do better than her father in 2002 (Chirac 82%/LP 18%) because she is exactly the same : a pure facist.

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This age it's easier to call someone who has more sophisticated views on the things as a fascist regardless of whether they praise the sun once a day or wear a symbol of a curved propeller on the uniforms.

Or if you are a bloody(pun intended) capitalist and want to disregard anyone calling for humane socialist approach to the socium.

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Zichi - Le Pen has not and is not a Holocaust denier. She has laid blame on French complicity at the hands of Vichy France rather than the country as a whole.

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so now you've gone from she's a Holocaust denier to denying blame on Vichy France. Whats next?

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laying blame

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So when, over twenty years ago, Chirac admitted publicly that France was at fault, was he somehow mistaken? Or has Mme Le Pen managed to dig up some new facts that were unavailable in 1995?

It's to be one or the other. The idea that the Front haven't changed since the dark days of Jean-Marie is ridiculous, obviously....

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your wicked character assassination on the woman.

To steal from a great quip - it isn't really possible to assassinate Le Pen's character - it committed suicide a long time ago.

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I would encourage a few posters here to read a book I've just finished recently; "Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland". Its a chilling true story of a seemingly ordinary group of men with families who found themselves given a horrible task; shooting thousands of Polish Jews in the German occupation. It shows how group think, a misguided sense of duty, and the desire to go along with convention can make ordinary people do the most heinous things.

I think there are parallels to the current SJWs who throw all free speech and open dialogue right out the door with increasing violence. But a word to the wise, it will make some a little more hesitant to say words like "Nazi" and "fascist" when faced with the real deal.

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

I think there are parallels to the current SJWs

I get a sense of rightist virtue signaling when I hear boring names like SJW created by idiots on very dull rightist sites. This virtue signaling gets comical when the trash right set themselves up as the virtuous guardians of truth and free speech.

Bear in mind these virtue signallers defend the rancid, dishonest trash coming out of trash like Trump the birther. These virtue signallers can be quite hypocritical.

I know I've been a bit heavy on the use of the term 'virtue signaling', I'm just seeing if I can write a post in the authentic style of a rightist virtue signaller.

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Oedipus Macron is what he is, a Left Socialist who was an economy minister of the highly popular Hollande(le sexy chien), an elitist Rothschild financier. In other words, the Manchurian candidate for the globalist elites who tell others what to think and believe. If the media and elitists(redundant?) keep pushing the neophyte as the ideal candidate, the good people may actually vote against him and for Le Stylo ou Le Crayon.

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