Madagascar mob lynches three on tourist island


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I think I'll go to Brighton instead.

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What needs to be done is to follow the money trail to find out those who are BUYING organs as this is a problem around the world from Brazil to Thailand and coming to a neighborhood near you. Someone needs to make a movie that will expose the illegal Ivory trade and those who are at the heart of human organ trafficking.

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That is some photograph. That last one. Wow.

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These people are to be commended. Well done, perfectly administered "Street Justice". They HAVE my Tourist "Dollar". Good job people.

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You know, I'll stick to Japan as my destination of choice: crippled power station, earthquakes and the threat of missiles from neighbouring countries pales into comparison with being hung, speared, beheaded, bombed or shot by loonies with no concept of law and order.

I always thought Madagascar was an island with commando penguins, not mobs out for revenge.

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"I'll stick to Japan as my destination of choice:"

Or Europe, or singaporea, or thailand, or malaysia, or vietnam or Canada, or Australia, or about 70 percent of all the other countries on the planet that dont murder people because theyre foreigners. I'd avoid most Muslim countries, though.

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Lynch mob vigilantism... They can't prove that the people they murdered were the ones that committed the crime. That is what an investigation and trial are supposed to prove. Well, guess I'll strike Madagascar off my list of places to see.. what a shame the scenery looks quite lovely.

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I love the Disney cartoons but mob justice??? Sorry,no Madagascar for my vacation!!

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