Venezuela's Maduro blasts U.S. for 'stealing' billions and offering 'crumbs'

By Marcelo GARCIA

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"It's a booby trap, they're putting on a show with rotten and contaminated food," 

He's right. The US "aid" is a truck full of rotten sandwiches, barely enough for one school's lunch.

 the 35-year-old National Assembly speaker is a puppet to the U.S. which is trying to secure access to Venezuela's gold and vast oil reserves -- the largest in the world.

The largest oil and gold reserves in the world.

That sentence says it all, doesn't it.

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The largest oil and gold reserves in the world.

That's the primary reason the US, Russia and China's respective government leaders, their .01% plus many other of the world's .01% - and their financial backers - want greater control there.

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Maduro blames Venezuela's woes on U.S. sanctions, claiming they have cost the country $30 billion.

Venezuela's problems began in the 1990s and have consistently gotten worse and worse due to mismanagement by the govt. The country has been on the way to collapsing all this time.

Some history:

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Of course, no mention that Maduro is merely echoing what even his critics who look at the numbers have figured out.

The problem is NOT the fault of the policies that made Venezuela the fastest growing economy in the region before the US got tired of the Venezuelan population voting in real leftists (not the pseudoliberals who are ok with the 10% becoming the 1% (and quickly the .1%) as long as the ever growing working poor can dress however they like) and went full crime boss on the Venezuelan people.

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Speaking on Friday, Maduro said six million families had benefitted from subsidized food boxes and claimed to have bought 933 tons of medicines and medical supplies from China, Cuba and Russia, his main international allies.


Cuba has vast shortages, always.

China is keeping a tab/loans. They will demand to be paid.

Venezuela sends China 400,000-odd barrels a day, for example, Beijing considers them repayment for Caracas’s debts.

Folks know that mismanagement has Caracas buying lite oil from other countries to mix with their dark oil, correct? They still have some lite-oil, but production has dropped due to govt mismanagement of that resource over the last 20 yrs.

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