Italy quake death toll 207


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Italy has a lot of ancient buldings so it does not suprise me that there was damage (and loss of life -__-)


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Sad news. May they rest in peace. At least it isn't winter. Feel bad also for one of my students. Just left today for a honeymoon in Italy, scheduled to arrive in Rome yesterday I think. Leaving the land of earthquakes, and experiencing one half way around the world. Jeez.

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Hello, I live in Rome and tonight the earthquake was felt... but here there wasn't damage. In Aquila instead the dead are about 50 and the same number missing. It's true, the houses are old, in fact the buildings have collapsed, especially those of the old town, but at least 10,000 houses were damaged. My Nation is not ready for things like that, and unfortunately never will be. It's impossible to build new palaces proof, we will have razed to the ground all the cities in order to do ...

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Always scary living in the world's most earthquake-prone country and reading about things like this.

My heart goes out to the people and their families.

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I heard that a quake scientist had predicted this earthquake. He had been keeping track of recent sciesmic (sp) treamors.

When he started getting the word out, informing people of the inpending quake, he was arrested and jailed for inciting fear. < :-)

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I haven't felt an earthquake in Japan for a long time. It'S scary !!! How can the emergency workers respond to a major crisis in Tokyo.

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I fear being on a train in Tokyo when a big one hits.

I am trying to find out where we can send money now but the phones at the embassy are busy. If any of you know, please post it.

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Why don't they mention Giampaolo Giuliani in this news? This scientist predicted a few days ago, in a TV interview, that there was going to be a big earthquake in the region and nobody believed him. He should be making news as well.

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the radon method giuliani used is discounted.

everyone who's an earthquake specialist near l'aquila missed the foreshocks.

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