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Major powers agree to plan for 'cessation of hostilities' in Syria


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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev raised the specter of a permanent or world war if powers failed to negotiate an end to the conflict in Syria

Y'know what I love about Russian diplomats? Their ability to keep calm in the face of adversity, and not resort to alarmist and hysterical clap trap.

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Thanks to the self appoint Global policeman USAss, what has happen to Iraq, Libya and Afghan, now they trying to start another war is SCS, they sure love war USAss.

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It's game over, Assad has won.

Chalk 1 up for Putin. Ha-ha -barrack hussien obama, "you lose."

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IF Putin were serious about "peace", then Assad would not still be in power.

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@ Aaron Lloyd Brummett If the West were serious about "peace" they would not have bankrolled the terrorists to start the war in the first place.

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What the West, including Russia, should do is get the hell out of the Middle East. We would be doing better to help refugees than bombing people.

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The syria without Assad will be a slaughterhouse and if Mr.Putin did not intervene the crisis is a gift to the ISIS. Those so called moderate rebels were bandits,they were nothing better than the ISIS,all of them were fanatic terrorists who were mercenaries paid by the Saudis Turkey alliance daily carrying out systematic murders of Shias,Christian,Kurds,Minorities and also Sunnis. This civil war was for a pipeline connecting Saudi Arabia to Turkey via syrian soil. A project of massive fortunes for the above two countries and many more except Assad jr is an obstacle. The west took a blind eye over those war crimes committed by 'Moderate Rebels' and collaborates was a shame but obviuously they dont cares. Perhaps their benefits were enormonous and the bribery from the Saudis is really 'Unresistable'. Thats the whole picture of this dirty war!

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Kabukilover....What the West, including Russia, should do is get the hell out of the Middle East.

I completely agree. As far as the Middle East goes.....there will never be peace. Human kind has been killing one another since the beginning of time, unfortunately. Being a Muslim is not good enough...you have to be a certain type..Sunni - Shiite, etc. From what little I understand many people can not fathom how a leader could be so vicious. Look at Saddam...he ruled with an iron fist yet what has happened without that type of leader.
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Does this mean Russia will finally start bombing ISIS?

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Why the West arms and funds them is beyond me.

Why the west fights any of them is beyond me. Leave the vipers to themselves.

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"cessation of hostilities in Syria"

Is ISIS on board with this?

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And in a few months Europe can send the migrants back without any problems,

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Leave the vipers to themselves.

And I guess all those fleeing the vipers to Europe will just....stop?

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