U.S. general: 'Wildfire of terrorism' on march in Africa


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They have natural resources and we want them.

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This mayhem has going on thruout Africa for a long time. When the Hutu power dictatorship started up the 1994 Rwanda Genocide and was ousted, those fascist scumbags fled to Zaire and started a chain reaction and domino effect of wars, atrocities, overthrows, human rights crises. The fall of Moammar Qaddfy, who never was a friend to anyone didn't help matters either. Somalia has been in a state of anarchy for 30 years. And now Ethiopia is waging its Tigray war.

Africa is a chaotic mess right now.

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Advert. But American weapons, buy two, get one free!

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Advert. But American weapons, buy two, get one free!

The French have been doing the bulk of the fighting in Africa, not US Forces. Some people are so fixated on all things American they fail to see the larger world. The French Army and Air Force have been fighting terrorist groups in North Africa for a long time now. The Danish and Swedish navies both operate anti-piracy patrols in the North Arabian Sea. One wonders if navies from Scandinavia build enough air conditioning into their ships for that region where water temps can reach 30 C and air temps in excess of 37C that make the exterior steel blazing hot to the touch.

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They have natural resources and we want them.

Not so much. The problem is when one of these groups gets established and is able to attack Europe or the US. The world turned a blind eye to the Taliban and that didn't work out so well did it. Some of those groups have attacked oil refineries in Algeria taking hostages in the process. Algeria is not a friend of the US but they are not a friend of these terrorists either. But imagine if they got a foot hold there. Or in Libya and used the resources and land as a training ground and spring board for attacks on the US and Europe. That is the fear.

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GoodlucktoyouToday  10:19 am JST

Advert. But American weapons, buy two, get one free!

American and Soviet weapons, bought by dictators not aligned with either side during the Cold War.

Saddam Hussein, Siad Barre, Moammar Qaddafy, Taliban - you got them. I want some. How much you asking?

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He noted deadly attacks by al-Qaida- and Islamic State-linked jihadis and al-Shabab.

US forces are at risk not only in the Middle East but also in Africa because the US recognizes the dangers posed by these Islamic terrorist groups. Israel does also.

The US has a very large presence in Africa, but their activities fighting terrorism do not receive the same coverage of what goes on in the Mid East.

The fact is, democracies do not give in to Islamic terrorists, no matter where they are.

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