Major U.S. pipeline struggles to reopen after ransomware attack

By Virginie MONTET

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This is a big deal, huge. It was attacked on Friday and if it isn't running by Tuesday, there will be bad economic consequences. Add this onto the Line 5 shutdown possibly on Wednesday by Gretchen Whitmer and there will be riots and looting by next weekend in large swaths of North America.

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Probably with approval from Russian oil oligarchs

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There won't be any looting. That doesn't make sense, comrade. Can't see panic happening either.

They will uncover that someone got lazy inside the company and setup unapproved remote access to industrial controls that should never have been available from the accounting network. Someone will be fired, but not enough people, sadly. They will probably replace their IT Security leadership and sign a contract with some outside IT security company - buy nothing will really change inside. That's because security often makes tasks inconvenient. The security people were probably telling all the corporate officers about these risks for years, but the business never thought they'd be a target, so funding to improve security was never approved.

Farming and grocery deliveries may be impacted in a few days. This is a regional issue, not nationwide.

I can see gasoline prices rising - perhaps even 50% higher in the short term. Gas prices have been fairly low the last year. Corporations that do deliveries will have pre-negotiated fuel prices for 3-6 months. Airlines buy fuel months in advance, but so do Amazon, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Walmart, Kroger, Publix, and all the big grocery chains. Anyone in the shipping business with hundreds of trucks will.

Glad I filled up for the first time in 2021 last week. In 2020, we drove just a little over 1000 miles. Each tank gets about 280-320 miles (~ 4 months) in town. I believe natural gas lines are completely different. Homes around here typically use gas for cooking and central heating.

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