Malala, Satyarthi win Nobel Peace Prize


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Wow! Just ... wow! A 17-year-old girl has won a Nobel Prize! I never imagined I would see the day. We are watching history in the making.

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The Nobel Peace Prize has been discredited for many but these recipients have drawn attention to the abuse of children. Much better than some previous recipients.

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It's great to see this prize given to one so deserving of it!

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Excellent, excellent, excellent x 3

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Congratulations to Malala and Kailash. They are both so deserving of the prize.

"She ( Malala ) was critically injured on Oct. 9, 2012, when a Taliban gunman boarded her school bus and shot her in the head. "

Did they ever catch the Taliban gunman and shoot him in the head?

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Glad to see the committee got it right this time. Congratulations to Malala and Kailash.

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So glad she got Nobel. But she would be in much more danger from Taliban. I don't know this is good thing or not for her as she got it at that very young age. She is still child.

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So refreshing to see a young girl so honest, so sincere, so purposeful, so un-iikoburi, so un-kawaikoburi - -

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Serrano: Did they ever catch the Taliban gunman and shoot him in the head?

Last month, the Pakistani army announced that 10 suspects had been arrested. Due to the added publicity she will receive for winning the Nobel Peace Prize, the Pakistani government may be forced to try the would-be assassins quickly and give the guilty ones the punishment they deserve. Otherwise, the case will probably drag on for years and years, until government officials think the incident has been forgotten.

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